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Mobilization of vehicles for military needs: what’s in reality and what’s on paper? 01 June, 2023    138

Is a taxpayer entitled to submit to the court documents, which were not previously provided to the tax authority, and is there a ground for the court to disregard these documents? 15 May, 2023    775

New Law on collective agreements and treaties 10 May, 2023    689

Are you waiting for renewed audits since July 1, 2023? But they are already “here” in many aspects 04 May, 2023    901

The season for tax audits on compliance with currency legislation in the part of settlement deadlines for export and import transactions has been opened 28 April, 2023    429

Shortening the terms for conducting tax audits on the basis of para. 78.1.8 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (VAT for refund or negative value over UAH 100,000) and cancellation of tokens
(or about innovations of the Law No. 2918-IX)
15 March, 2023    408



Time limits for collection of budgetary compensation for VAT: what has changed after the decision of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine? 01 March, 2023    598


Ukraine: The War is not an excuse to ignore Transfer Pricing Compliance 06 February, 2023    271

From now officially – foreign (EU) QESs are recognized under Ukrainian law, and other changes related to QESs 31 January, 2023    729

Amendments in terms of VAT invoices registration and fines for their untimely registration: General for the whole duration of the war,
and as a “remedy” of the situation upon re-launching of VAT invoices registration in Summer 2022
27 January, 2023    1812

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes”: the “recovery” of the tax practice in 2022 24 January, 2023    338

The abusive partner’s method: on changes to the Procedure of blocking registration of tax invoices 09 January, 2023    382

Alexander Minin comments on what 2022 was like for the legal market of Ukraine 09 January, 2023    294

UK-Ukraine Digital Trade Agreement – Summary 29 December, 2022    1338

The promised List of territories on which combat actions are (were) conducted or which are (were) temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation]: a trick of the Cabinet of Ministers 28 December, 2022    460

Changes to the procedure for submitting information on ultimate beneficial owners – new Law No. 2571 28 December, 2022    695

On January 1, 2023, the VAT exemption for the IT sector will expire 26 December, 2022    222


Cases on blocking/additional requirements for the registration of a VAT invoice in view of the nature of VAT as an indirect tax.
Can the buyer appeal the blocking of the registration of the invoice?
23 December, 2022    164

The District Administrative Court of Kyiv will be liquidated. What does this mean for the parties whose cases are under consideration in the court? 13 December, 2022    524

Foreign (EU) electronic signatures are recognized in Ukraine 02 December, 2022    900

The status of “risky”: To appeal or not to appeal? 23 November, 2022    743

Changes in the procedure for reservation of employees 14 November, 2022    534

Finally! Ukraine has joined Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on the Exchange of Country-by-Country Reports 09 November, 2022    509

The tax authorities will not pay a court fee when applying to the court for recovering a tax debt and Unified Social Contribution debt 08 November, 2022    284

If the Cabinet of Ministers cannot decide on the list of territories, which are (were) in the area of fighting or under temporary occupation, could taxpayers decide on their own? 07 November, 2022    493

Amendments to the list of documentary off-plan audits, which are allowed to be carried out for the period before the termination or cancellation of martial law 07 November, 2022    619

Changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners: Law 2623 03 November, 2022    398

VAT problem which manifests itself now in Ukraine
(or why VAT in Ukraine does NOT correspond to the VAT system in the EU)
26 October, 2022    386

New decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine regarding TP rules: new approaches to the application of the CUP method, but, unfortunately, questions still remain 05 October, 2022    729

How should business interpret announcement of the 10-10-10 (+3) tax reform 13 September, 2022    529

The Procedure for confirmation of the possibility or impossibility of the taxpayers’ fulfillment of their duties, defined in subpara. 69.1 of para. 69 of subsection 10 of Chapter XX “Transitional Provisions” of the Tax Code of Ukraine, entered into force 12 September, 2022    651

The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court “broke” the unfair practice of evaluating a sentence under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the director of the taxpayer’s contractor 31 August, 2022    610

A new approach to the regulation of labor relations by agreement 22 August, 2022    590

Military transport obligation during martial law (Part 2) 19 August, 2022    886

Do you have to work from abroad by force of circumstances? Are you getting financial assistance from the government of a foreign state?
What is happening with taxation
18 August, 2022    695

Non-fixed working hours employment: what are the rules? 17 August, 2022    744

The departure of men abroad under martial law – is there a ban? 15 August, 2022    11841

What should not be done and what, perhaps, should be done if there are goods in the occupied territories, access to which is lost? 01 August, 2022    760

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 89, which granted tax authorities permission to conduct audits in violation of the moratorium under the Tax Code of Ukraine, has been canceled – now at the level of the court of appeal 20 July, 2022    1204

Continuation of labor reform under martial law: the Draft Law No. 7251 (Part 2) 18 July, 2022    627

Continuation of labor reform under martial law: the Draft Law No. 7251 (Part 1) 13 July, 2022    3894

A fine for a customs violation under Article 485 of the Customs Code of Ukraine is recognized as unconstitutional 30 June, 2022    902

How to determine whether the taxpayer can perform duties (and which ones) for the purposes of the Law No. 2260, and what do we expect from the Ministry of Finance? 16 June, 2022    924

The new Law on strengthening the protection of employees’ rights: what has changed? 15 June, 2022    750

Law No. 2260: how and why did the business become a “scapegoat” for problems with the system of electronic VAT administration and registration of tax invoices? 13 June, 2022    3179

Personnel records management during the war 19 May, 2022    1606