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Foreign (EU) electronic signatures are recognized in Ukraine 02 December, 2022    217

The status of “risky”: To appeal or not to appeal? 23 November, 2022    134

Changes in the procedure for reservation of employees 14 November, 2022    229

Finally! Ukraine has joined Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on the Exchange of Country-by-Country Reports 09 November, 2022    273

The tax authorities will not pay a court fee when applying to the court for recovering a tax debt and Unified Social Contribution debt 08 November, 2022    135

If the Cabinet of Ministers cannot decide on the list of territories, which are (were) in the area of fighting or under temporary occupation, could taxpayers decide on their own? 07 November, 2022    269

Amendments to the list of documentary off-plan audits, which are allowed to be carried out for the period before the termination or cancellation of martial law 07 November, 2022    353

Changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners: Law 2623 03 November, 2022    243

VAT problem which manifests itself now in Ukraine
(or why VAT in Ukraine does NOT correspond to the VAT system in the EU)
26 October, 2022    222

New decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine regarding TP rules: new approaches to the application of the CUP method, but, unfortunately, questions still remain 05 October, 2022    504

How should business interpret announcement of the 10-10-10 (+3) tax reform 13 September, 2022    410

The Procedure for confirmation of the possibility or impossibility of the taxpayers’ fulfillment of their duties, defined in subpara. 69.1 of para. 69 of subsection 10 of Chapter XX “Transitional Provisions” of the Tax Code of Ukraine, entered into force 12 September, 2022    545

The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court “broke” the unfair practice of evaluating a sentence under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the director of the taxpayer’s contractor 31 August, 2022    441

A new approach to the regulation of labor relations by agreement 22 August, 2022    425

Military transport obligation during martial law (Part 2) 19 August, 2022    503

Do you have to work from abroad by force of circumstances? Are you getting financial assistance from the government of a foreign state?
What is happening with taxation
18 August, 2022    453

Non-fixed working hours employment: what are the rules? 17 August, 2022    499

The departure of men abroad under martial law – is there a ban? 15 August, 2022    8372

What should not be done and what, perhaps, should be done if there are goods in the occupied territories, access to which is lost? 01 August, 2022    578

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 89, which granted tax authorities permission to conduct audits in violation of the moratorium under the Tax Code of Ukraine, has been canceled – now at the level of the court of appeal 20 July, 2022    873

Continuation of labor reform under martial law: the Draft Law No. 7251 (Part 2) 18 July, 2022    553

Continuation of labor reform under martial law: the Draft Law No. 7251 (Part 1) 13 July, 2022    3786

A fine for a customs violation under Article 485 of the Customs Code of Ukraine is recognized as unconstitutional 30 June, 2022    543

How to determine whether the taxpayer can perform duties (and which ones) for the purposes of the Law No. 2260, and what do we expect from the Ministry of Finance? 16 June, 2022    834

The new Law on strengthening the protection of employees’ rights: what has changed? 15 June, 2022    632

Law No. 2260: how and why did the business become a “scapegoat” for problems with the system of electronic VAT administration and registration of tax invoices? 13 June, 2022    2504

Personnel records management during the war 19 May, 2022    1300

The Supreme Court: tax audits conducted in violation of the moratorium under the Tax Code with reference to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 89 are illegal 13 May, 2022    1345

A nonfunctioning Electronic System of VAT Administration – who should be responsible? 06 May, 2022    2206

The Ministry of Reintegration adopted the List of territorial communities which are located in the area of fighting or are under temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade) – is it applicable for tax purposes? 04 May, 2022    17979

Some changes in criminal justice during martial law 04 May, 2022    1716

European Commission Proposal on temporary liberalization of trade with Ukraine in conditions of war 03 May, 2022    351

We have been heard: Ukraine denounces the Double Tax Treaty with Russia 03 May, 2022    519

Property tax: What to do if there is no access to land plot or real estate? 03 May, 2022    5752

Does an employer have an obligation to keep a workplace and average salary for a volunteer of territorial defence? 27 April, 2022    1202

Tax audits during martial law 26 April, 2022    3072

Primary documents are lost or located in the war zone: what about confirmation of tax accounting data? 22 April, 2022    1501

Do we need a double tax treaty with Russia (the country-aggressor)? It is still effective! 21 April, 2022    827

Charity during martial law 21 April, 2022    4577

Single tax at the rate of 2 % during martial law (update) 12 April, 2022    4768

Responsibilities of the employer during employees’ mobilization 06 April, 2022    1477

Other customs novelties during martial law. Suspension of the collection of customs duties and customs clearance under a simplified procedure 01 April, 2022    2672

Single tax during martial law 31 March, 2022    5706

Regarding the reservation of employees liable for military service during martial law 28 March, 2022    49534

Changes in labor law: the rights of employees have been restricted but will it help employers? 24 March, 2022    2010

Destruction, loss or damage of property during martial law. VAT and other aspects 24 March, 2022    7028

Criminal proceedings regarding tax evasion: what has changed during the work of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine? 21 March, 2022    532

Temporary shutdown of the company 16 March, 2022    942

New VAT regulations taking effect in 2022 15 March, 2022    858

Restrictions on food export from Ukraine imposed during martial law 15 March, 2022    2897