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New mobilization rules: The Law has been adopted 11 April, 2024    974

Comparables Selection Was Correct After All, Ukrainian Court Says 11 April, 2024    35

Judicial practice: responsibility of company officials for violation of rules of military registration and legislation on mobilization 09 April, 2024    277

Is it impossible to challenge the tax audit orders even if they are issued in the absence of legal grounds? Should the taxpayer bite the bullet and tolerate the tax audit? 09 April, 2024    164

Introduction of an electronic office for conscripts, persons liable for military service, and reservists 04 April, 2024    378

Scheduled documentary tax audit in 2024 appointed with the reference to low (compared to industry average) level of tax payment is illegal! 02 April, 2024    254

Criminal method of tax administration 01 April, 2024    394

Judicial practice in cases regarding prosecution for violation of the rules of military accounting and legislation on mobilization 18 March, 2024    714

How to avoid double taxation of Polish salary in Ukraine 15 March, 2024    240

The “false bottom” of the Draft Law on communication between business and tax authorities No. 9662 15 March, 2024    338

The coefficient for the Military Tax: “to be, or not to be”, or how to determine the tax base for the Military Tax in case of payment of income in kind 14 March, 2024    249

Active passive income of Controlled Foreign Companies 14 March, 2024    151

The case Olympex Coupe International v. State Tax Service: the Supreme Court of Ukraine has finally decided to disallow the tax office’s “creative” application of the transactional net margin method 01 March, 2024    319

І. Staying abroad as a ground to actually relieve individuals during this time from liability to submit tax return in Ukraine
ІІ. Staying abroad as a ground to at least delay the submission of report on controlled foreign companies
IІІ. Grounds to abstain from filing the report on controlled foreign companies even while being present in Ukraine
20 February, 2024    761

Military registration, mobilization and military service in a new way: what to expect 08 February, 2024    993

A postponement of conscription as a mandatory precondition for crossing the border by men during martial law 07 February, 2024    457

Re-criminalization of commodity smuggling: a well-forgotten old thing 22 January, 2024    460

Where to find the true law? OR
How to determine valid provisions of the Tax Code at the particular time period?
19 January, 2024    301

The law on vacations and other issues of labor legislation: new regulations 15 January, 2024    710

Documentary tax audits and additional accruals – within what terms are they possible now?
And what is the storage period of documents for such tax audits (because how can there be a documentary tax audit without documents)?
09 January, 2024    607

It didn’t go well: “Amendments of Lozovyi” were partially canceled 14 December, 2023    331

Regular price: Are you ready for the tax audit? 13 December, 2023    673

About the cancellation of the moratorium on tax audits 12 December, 2023    296

Сurrency transactions and foreign trade settlements with non-residents as of the end of 2023: Deregulation in some cases and tightening the screw in others 12 December, 2023    410

TOP 7 arguments in a dispute with the Fund for Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities 08 December, 2023    297

Relocation of top management abroad: are you ready for double taxation? 08 December, 2023    481

How European countries address the issue of tax residency of Ukrainian companies in case of relocation of top management to such countries 07 December, 2023    285

Some practical aspects of the departure of men abroad during martial law 07 December, 2023    463

Thresholds of criminal liability under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in 2024 05 December, 2023    747

An attempt to cancel “amendments of Lozovyi”– business, stand by! 14 November, 2023    369

Important transfer pricing court practice: the cassation appeal of the tax office has been (partially) satisfied again by the Supreme Court – why is the case important and what significant nuances have not been taken into account? 13 November, 2023    532

Difficulties or opportunities: an exemption from fines and penalties in case of payment of calculated tax liability amount within 30 calendar days after receipt of the tax notification-decision under subpara. 69.37 para. 69 of Sub-section 10 Section XX “Transitional Provisions” of the Tax Code of Ukraine 03 November, 2023    581

Terms of pre-trial investigation in wartime: has the Law No. 3341-IX dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s? 11 October, 2023    368

Forced alienation of a vehicle during martial law instead of temporary seizure for use during mobilization: features of disputes regarding such alienation 10 October, 2023    265

From October 18, 2023, registration of all legal entities in the “Electronic Court” becomes mandatory: what does it mean and what risks does it carry? 05 October, 2023    1036

Arbitrariness of the territorial center of recruitment and social support representatives in the context of the detention of conscripts: Responsibility and instructions on how to act 04 October, 2023    1007

What are the deadlines to file a claim for the recovery of the “old” VAT refund according to the Supreme Court of Ukraine? 04 October, 2023    308

The Supreme Court is at the service of tax authorities, or how the Supreme Court abolished the tax code, making the right to a tax audit indisputable and absolute 02 October, 2023    557

Old debts, or what to do with the overdue debts of non-residents in respect of which the mechanism of subpara.159.1.1 of the Tax Code was applied before January 1, 2015 20 September, 2023    299


Comparables Analysis Insufficient; Ukrainian Court Remands Case 18 September, 2023    206

Notification of discrepancies in data on ultimate beneficiaries and / or ownership structure in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, identified by the subjects of primary financial monitoring 14 September, 2023    462

“A spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar”: what positive changes have been brought about by the latest amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine? 28 August, 2023    603

Terms of pre-trial investigation [in ALL criminal proceedings, where no one was notified of suspicion], are terminated until the end of martial law. But what if to get a new angle on? 18 August, 2023    1100

Violation of deadlines for settlement of export and import transactions: peculiarities of tax audits and liability during martial law and a little before that 14 August, 2023    496

The quota of workplaces for persons with disabilities: should separate divisions of foreign legal entities comply? 09 August, 2023    1102

“Massive” requests regarding application of the 30% adjustment on corporate income tax. What is wrong and what to do? 03 August, 2023    775

What’s with scheduled and unscheduled tax audits from August 1, 2023?
The scope of unscheduled audits is expanded, and can a scheduled audit be conducted just because, for example, you are dealing with fuel?
02 August, 2023    513

“When was that?” — “Many moons ago”, or where to find witnesses to consider the case which has been sent for a new trial 02 August, 2023    836

The penalty for a customs violation under para. 1 of Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine is recognized as unconstitutional – to be continued? 19 July, 2023    404