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About Portal


KM Portal is a part of the Information Agency WTS Consulting LLC and represents a variety of tax and legal materials, prepared by experts of Ukrainian law firm WTS Consulting and Attorney’s at Law “KM Partners”, which reveal achievements of our long-term legal practice, describe unusual situations and their solutions, share valuable recommendations. Profound theoretical analysis and high corporate standards to our articles ensure their excellent quality.

Please, read the rules of publication and the requirements of articles for submission of materials to placing on the KM Portal.

Section Analytics includes all analytical and informational materials in which our experts comment on the latest chenges in tax and legal areas and consists of such subsections: infoletters, press, useful documents and court pactice.

Infoletters serve as prompt notification of corporate lawyers and accountants about legal news. They also contain our preliminary opinion on the latest trends in the world of taxes and law. Most of these materials are available for free on KM Portal.

Press subsection contains articles and comments of our authors that have regular publications in famous legal, economic and other specialized periodicals both in Ukraine and abroad.

Professional analytics of relevant tax and legal issues is posted under Exclusive section. Please note that materials from this section have never been published in periodicals and are available for users of our KM Portal only.

Reviews of interesting decisions are assorted in a separate subsection Court pactice.

Useful documents involve templates and instructions elaborated by our lawyers that can be used in business activity. The section also contains important official recommendations of Ukrainian authorities, judicial precedents, interesting materials on comparative law and foreign practices, comments of international legal institutions and organizations.

Our special Projects and Publications will interest the most curious readers who are not indifferent to law enforcement problems in Ukraine as well as we are.

Section Prose which consists of entertaining stories written 100 and more years ago will relax you and add some optimism. Some of the stories will certainly come to your mind while visiting the present-day courtrooms and governmental offices.

Thank you for your trust, we are glad to be informative for you.