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The negative consequences of doubling the military tax rate,
How to ensure that all we pay to the army is really spent on the army
13 May, 2022    1195

To bring Ukrainians back from abroad: does the government really want that? 27 April, 2022    851

Total simplification of doing business 27 April, 2022    480

The System of Electronic Administration of Fuel Sales – how the “shadow” was tempered 10 September, 2021    1780

The balance of interests – R.I.P. (the draft law No. 5600) 05 July, 2021    1137

“Voluntary” declaring (part 2): from the point of view of cash 25 June, 2021    1983

(or about involuntary assets declaration)
25 June, 2021    960

Does the new system of the Tax Code regulations on control of a reasonable economic substance (business purpose) of taxpayer’s business operations have a reasonable economic justification? 18 February, 2021    10882

Signs of labor relations in the government’s draft law 10 February, 2021    4371

About “re-assignment” (change of the main place of record) of large taxpayers to tax offices based on a branch principle, without taking into account the location of the taxpayer; And about territorial bodies without relation to a certain territory 13 January, 2021    2209

What do the VAT statistics show? 16 October, 2020    4144

Another reincarnation of the special TP rules regarding raw materials. Will it work this time? 09 September, 2020    2748

Taxes and Motivation 29 April, 2020    2522

COVID-19 and Transfer Pricing: What should be born in mind? 28 April, 2020    1902

Facilitating economic recovery after the quarantine through tax changes 07 April, 2020    1138

Factual embedding of the presumption of guilt by the Draft Law No.1210 in violation of the Constitution and international obligations of Ukraine (or why the attitude to respective provisions of the Draft Law No.1210 is so negative) 11 March, 2020    3735

Why does Law No. 1210 need a veto 21 February, 2020    3799

The Draft Law No. 1210 on Amendments to the Tax Code as an offer for the President to undersign in violation of the Constitution: will the President sign it? (updated) 21 February, 2020    1903

Changes to the Customs Code due to Authorized Economic Operators – simplification, but not for everyone 28 November, 2019    3181

Revolution in international taxation. Part two
Or goodbye BEPS, – hello GloBE
OECD publishes second block (Pillar II) of proposals on unified approach to taxation of “digital economy”
18 November, 2019    17982

Electronic cabinet of the taxpayer – plans vs reality… 12 November, 2019    32100

Tax reform and cancellation of the Unified Social Contribution 06 November, 2019    1476

Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding the protection of intellectual property rights – “green light” to parallel import 22 October, 2019    3594

Entrepreneur and customs 16 October, 2019    2466

The revolution in international taxation is approaching. Now officially.
OECD publishes proposals on unified approach to taxation of “digital economy”
15 October, 2019    2064

Taxation of “digital economy” is a tax reform that is worth thinking about or what the “legislative printer” is silent about 02 October, 2019    1626

Land scam 27 September, 2019    2197

Did the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine return Tax Police to the State Fiscal Service? Did it actually take it?
What does the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 846 as of September 25, 2019 mean?
27 September, 2019    4637

Exit Capital Tax and the index of economic freedom 25 September, 2019    2208

The Draft Law No. 1073 is not about cashback, it’s about full fiscalization 17 September, 2019    5838

Rat runs on the spot
(or let’s talk about 1053-1 and 1073)
17 September, 2019    5863

Tax legislation as a business 10 September, 2019    1353

The system of irresponsibility for customs offenses. What is wrong and what to do? 04 September, 2019    4143

The State Tax Service shall not be the controlling authority under the law
and shall not be entitled to conduct tax audits
(or The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine forever, or at least until changes to the Tax Code are inroduced)?
22 May, 2019    6579

Why will everything change from October 1 for representations of non-residents? 20 May, 2019    3082

Special duty for all goods from the Russian Federation: importers – get ready 16 May, 2019    1205

Intersexualbudget relations or the budget process in the Ukrainian manner 15 May, 2019    1914

General declaration 14 May, 2019    1555

With whom Ukraine fights? 13 May, 2019    1777

The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+ The State Customs Service-competition (and competitive conditions) 07 May, 2019    1713

TP control in Ukraine: times changе 03 May, 2019    1487

The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+The State Customs Service-competition (and the International Monetary Fund) 26 April, 2019    1469

The tendency, however…
The State Fiscal Service again wins in the dispute on the TP rules at the level of appeal
25 April, 2019    1735

Notes on “fresh” tax report of the European Parliament 24 April, 2019    962

Modernization of Ukraine, the steps I believe 23 April, 2019    1070

War is a bullshit, are maneuvers more important? (or why tax invoice registration is more important than tax payment?) 01 April, 2019    1751

On the nature of money and the functions of the National Bank of Ukraine 21 March, 2019    3587

On unlawful bank management of clients’ money and the credit emission 20 March, 2019    1012

On the apparency of right for money 19 March, 2019    956

On the immanent property of money and the victim complex 18 March, 2019    1205