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Dear subscribers,

We offer You to take advantage of open access to exclusive content posted on our information portal.

This service provides access to new actual analytics on various fields of law, which are posted in “Exclusive” section. Since August 1, 2014 such materials are in closed access. Thus, full texts of such publications is available only for those users who carried out a subscription for a year (UAH 2100 + VAT).

You can pan in two ways:

  • with Visa/MasterCard by means of Portmone.com (for individual persons only);
  • with bill.

In order to make payment and get access to the portal materials, You must register on the site or log in if You are already registered.

We open access for portal materials only to one subscriber from the company. A discount of 50 % of the initial cost of the subscription is available for each following user from the same company. The special offer is available for KM Partners’ clients.

After subscription you get online-access to all fee-based materials that includes:

  • unlimited access to all thematic sections of the site, including exclusive content that is available to clients and registered users;
  • access to the samples and templates of legal documents (“Useful Documents” section);
  • access to the archive of publications.