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How peasants of Ukraine were taxed in the Middle Ages (according to the “History of Ukraine from the Grandfather Svyryd”) 18 January, 2021    7047

Tax on air 24 November, 2020    2870

Aleksey Tolstoy. “Union of Five” 17 April, 2020    2781

Ivan Krylov. «The Wolf and The Lamb» 04 March, 2020    54171

Leonid Glibov. «The Wolf and The Lamb» 04 March, 2020    16766

The eternal 22 October, 2018    1840

Inferences of sсince-fiction writers on taxes and more. Robert A. Heinlein. “The Moon is a harsh mistress” 09 July, 2018    2246

Ayn Rand. “Atlas Shrugged” (fragment of the book) 21 November, 2017    16369

Everything you say is either poetry or prose according to Moliere; and everything you do is either delivery of goods or delivery of services, as it is defined in the Tax Code? (an illustration to considerations on the definition of delivery of services for the VAT purposes, to which any transaction, that is not the delivery of goods, is referred) 29 August, 2017    1980

Budusesinsiu (Guidance for those who enter the Path of the Warrior): about profession of tax collector in the context of modern ukrainian realities 07 September, 2015    6669

David Weber “War of Honor” (fragment of the book) 30 April, 2015    2860

Robert Sheckley. A Ticket to Tranai 26 January, 2015    4204

“I couldn’t believe it. I had beenstealing money from Customs and Excise” – Richard Branson tells about tax evasion in his autobiography “Losing My Virginity” 18 March, 2014    4196

“The Income-tax Man or A Mysterious Visit”: Mark Twain’s story in the context of modern Ukrainian realities 05 March, 2014    4188

About the reality and unreality of marketability and existence 14 January, 2014    3881

Anton Chekhov. Essays “From Siberia” 10 January, 2014    3576

“The Court”: A. Chekhov’s story in the context of modern Ukrainian litigation practice 27 December, 2013    3767

“Good Earnings”: I. Franko’s story in the context of the modern tax practice 23 January, 2013    11143

The State Tax Service of Ukraine wins 9 of 10 court proceedings… This information evoked such association: “The old fairy tale about the judge Shemiak” 10 September, 2012    8772