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Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2021 26 February, 2021    15

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2020 26 February, 2021    2554

Bonuses, incentive payments, credit notes: with VAT or without VAT? And what to do if they were with (without) VAT, but should have been without (with) VAT? 24 February, 2021    187

The President of Ukraine signed the Law, which reduces the VAT rate for certain agricultural products 23 February, 2021    87

Reimbursement of costs for legal support, which are to be paid after the completion of court proceedings 22 February, 2021    200

Review of VAT changes in Draft Law 4184, or not only Google 22 February, 2021    230

Transfer Pricing reporting for 2020: what else you should know 19 February, 2021    217

The “Google tax” bill passed the first reading in the Parliament 18 February, 2021    250

The Coca-Cola’s billion dollar loss in Transfer Pricing dispute with US tax authorities over royalties, or why taxpayers shouldn’t be overoptimistic about agreements with the state 17 February, 2021    467

Statistics of criminal proceedings on taxes for 2020: Goodbye, the tax police! Hello, the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine! 17 February, 2021    261

The State Tax Service of Ukraine on changes regarding non-residents and their permanent establishments, and, in particular, on (re)registration 16 February, 2021    235

All non-residents/permanent establishments are required to [re]register with the tax authorities 12 February, 2021    359

Financial Monitoring directions 12 February, 2021    215

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to bypass moratorium on certain types of audits 09 February, 2021    429

The list of VAT exempt medical goods has been extended 05 February, 2021    248

Changes in the tax sphere effective from January 1, 2021 02 February, 2021    456

Changes in legal regulation of the use of cash registers 02 February, 2021    262

Ask a lawyer: Can an employee be suspended from work after a contact with a person infected by COVID-19? 27 January, 2021    371

Amounts of fines for labor law violations in 2021 27 January, 2021    369

The Unified Social Contribution improvement from January 01, 2021 25 January, 2021    360

Deviations of government agencies from the requirements of laws: What the taxpayers shall do with this 19 January, 2021    318

Renewal of the land lease: is the implied consent of the landlord enough? 18 January, 2021    327

New methodology for the normative monetary valuation of lands 12 January, 2021    2725

The magic of numbers, or
Limitation periods in tax disputes: 1095 vs. 30
23 December, 2020    1275

Attention! Changes related to terms for challenging tax accruals to the court after administrative appeal stage. And other terms in other cases 22 December, 2020    405

New trust property: a year has passed, but nothing has changed 18 December, 2020    356

Penalties for late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the customers: show must go on? 17 December, 2020    593

Thank you for not approving it on the 31th of December! The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a list of raw-material goods that fall under the TP scope 16 December, 2020    609

14 December, 2020    799

Ukraine postpones the VAT taxation of foreign digital businesses until 2022 11 December, 2020    551

Penalties for late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the customers: the issue on the rise with the new value? 04 December, 2020    1390

Evidential force of emails: positions of the Commercial Cassation Court 03 December, 2020    668

Migration and taxation issues in times of COVID-19 02 December, 2020    466

Statistics of criminal proceedings under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for three quarters of 2020 24 November, 2020    1434

The GDA (General Declaration of Arrival) has sneaked up on us unawares 19 November, 2020    1958

The Draft Law No. 4065 – what shall we expect? 05 November, 2020    1704

20-OPP – here we go again! 04 November, 2020    844

What is worthy of note in Draft Law No. 2194 on deregulation of land relations? 30 October, 2020    2537

The Law No. 466-IX stipulates that the income of individuals from certain transactions with investment assets is calculated at normal prices. What does it mean? 16 October, 2020    648

Registration of VAT invoices is blocked – so what is to be done? – ІІІ
(when usual measures do not solve the problem)
15 October, 2020    741

Ask a lawyer: when does an employee have the right to claim compensation for moral damage? 12 October, 2020    1064

Electronic workflow and the moment of occurrence of tax liabilities – and more… 06 October, 2020    1478

New proportionate TP adjustment rules introduced into Ukrainian tax law since May 2020 06 October, 2020    528


Blocking of VAT invoices registration – are the tax authorities actually entitled to such right? 30 September, 2020    3274

Registration of VAT invoices is blocked – what shall be done?
(possibility of uncommon approaches to, unfortunately, common problem)
29 September, 2020    8024

Getting ready for tax audits’ “tsunami” after quarantine?
How many tax audits are really needed?
25 September, 2020    1526

It’s better to keep it the way it is than such Bureau on Economic Security of Ukraine 23 September, 2020    689

To recognize or to ignore the unmotivated decisions of the State Tax Service: did the Supreme Court choose the right «verb»? 16 September, 2020    552

Bureau on Economic Security of Ukraine: a secure come back to insecure practice? 03 September, 2020    711