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What is happening around the “Philip Morris” Settlement Agreement on tax dispute resolution
What questions arise and why
Why this is important for other taxpayers
08 August, 2019    1713

Days of War of State Labour Service. The Supreme Court confirmed the 1.3 million fine imposed on entrepreneur for unreported employment 07 August, 2019    343

Draft of new Procedure for monitoring compliance with Labour Law – to learn from mistakes? The State Labour Service of Ukraine: no, never heard of it. 07 August, 2019    199

Personal Data Protection Issues (according to Laws of Ukraine) 06 August, 2019    189

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2019 02 August, 2019    623

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2018 02 August, 2019    1472

Statistics of criminal proceedings under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the first half of 2019 31 July, 2019    276

Usage of real estate register will be easier 31 July, 2019    178

Received a request on providing transfer pricing documentation: what to do? 30 July, 2019    293

Registration of tax invoices in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices – The Supreme Court has heard us, that the payer doesn’t register! 29 July, 2019    1867

Since end-2018, any amendment to company register requires submission of information on beneficiaries 26 July, 2019    184

Penalty for late registration of tax invoices in terms of legal certainty 25 July, 2019    332

Alexander Minin: “Attorney at Law is a professional doctor of social problems” 17 July, 2019    342

Thresholds of criminal liability for Unified Social Tax evasion (under Art. 212-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) in 2019 17 July, 2019    359

Ask a lawyer: what are the rights and guarantees of single mothers at work? 09 July, 2019    204

Transfer pricing for agribusiness: what we need to focus on 09 July, 2019    306

Electronic signature on regular USB drive: to be, or not to be 09 July, 2019    347

The court of appeal has supported cancellation of the new main State Construction Norms of Ukraine 27 June, 2019    412

License for storage of fuel – regulation of market or new corruption risks? 25 June, 2019    470

Alexander Shemiatkin: How Volodymyr Zelenskyi plans to support Ukrainian business 24 June, 2019    291

New changes in Ukrainian transfer pricing rules in 2019 24 June, 2019    454

All we need is FREEDOM! 19 June, 2019    816

Valuable quality 13 June, 2019    283

Registration of tax invoices – who actually registers them and are there any reasons for applying penalties for violation of terms of tax invoices registration in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices? 10 June, 2019    728

Should the penalty be paid in the event of self-correction (self-assessment) of tax liabilities for previous periods? 10 June, 2019    273

Personal responsibility of the head of the Company and other important changes in the Bankruptcy Procedures Code: analysis of some innovations 07 June, 2019    531

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law regarding postponement of imposing fines for the storage of fuel without a license until 31.12.2019 06 June, 2019    3927

The dispute on the results of a regular tax audit: is there a place for criminality? 04 June, 2019    319

Blocking of tax invoices: the position of the Supreme Court 31 May, 2019    550

The risk of invalidity of the transaction is no longer hypothetical, it has already been confirmed by judicial practice 30 May, 2019    395

PEs and Transfer Pricing: what should be known? 29 May, 2019    624

Internal accounting of tax authorities vs primary documents of the taxpayer: the position of the Supreme Court 28 May, 2019    428

Inspections of the State Labour Service of Ukraine on the basis of anonymous or unfounded statements: Is the state apparatus involved by the controlling authorities for a reason? 27 May, 2019    437

The court declared invalid the Resolution No. 295 on inspection visits of the State Labor Service of Ukraine 23 May, 2019    1725

Searching for the line between commercial and administrative jurisdictions 15 May, 2019    311

Increased liability on tax evasion
and some other crimes,
some other important changes of the Law on Amendments on Simplifying the Pre-Trial Investigation of Certain Categories of Criminal Offences
14 May, 2019    605

Additional parcellation or transfer the lands of collective agricultural enterprises to municipal ownership, consolidation of the tracts of agricultural lands, toughening of the land moratorium and other highlights of the Law № 2498 14 May, 2019    212

Keeping place of work, position and average wage by military man at the expense of the employer 13 May, 2019    275

Days of War of State Labour Service.
Court case on written explanations of employees as evidence of hidden employment relationships
13 May, 2019    288

10 signs you have problems with transfer pricing 08 May, 2019    612

Days of war of State Labour Service.
Court case on application of civil-law contracts in relations with individuals
06 May, 2019    389

When it is cheaper to engage an external attorney, than manage a case in-house 03 May, 2019    501

Electronic evidence: European view and domestic judicial practice 25 April, 2019    292

Unexpected victory of the State Fiscal Service at the appeal stage in the important dispute on the TP rules: important court positions 19 April, 2019    976

Novelties of the Bankruptcy Procedures Code 17 April, 2019    2015

What do we know about the Unified Information and Telecommunication Court System now? 03 April, 2019    649

Is the upgraded Supreme Court more loyal to taxpayers?
Comparison of the decisions on customs issues for 2017 and for 2018
01 April, 2019    372

Supreme Court on terms of claim submission to the court on issues, related to taxes:
(1) The “Tax” Chamber of the Cassation Administrative Court confirmed the right to apply to the court regarding fine recovery for untimely VAT reimbursement within a 1095-days limitation period
(2) The Unified Chamber of the Cassation Administrative Court confirmed the right to appeal in court of the legal act within whole period of its effect (duration of a statute)
27 March, 2019    1889

How to Distinguish between Disputable Tax Matters and Criminal Tax Evasion 26 March, 2019    722

Criminal proceedings on tax evasion in 2018 – what was year-end closing? 26 March, 2019    836