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Capital repair. Alexander Shemiatkin comments on replacement of profit tax by exit capital tax 15 August, 2018    53

Q&A with Alexander Minin of KM Partners, 2019 “Law Firm of the Year” Winner in Ukraine 13 August, 2018    297

Is ATO over?
Or “I’ve brought you a package… But I will not give it to you”
03 August, 2018    1004

Changes in the order of keeping and storing employment record books of employees of representations of foreign legal entities 03 August, 2018    264

The Supreme Court: the right to appeal court rulings on appointment of tax audits within criminal proceedings is approved! 20 July, 2018    3218

The art of proper handling with digital evidences 19 July, 2018    323

The new rules of currency regulation, considering the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On currency and currency transactions” 17 July, 2018    575

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2018 16 July, 2018    941

Criminal proceedings on tax evasion within first quarter of 2018: how did the year begin for taxpayers? 02 July, 2018    350

“The fifth wheel to the coach”, or what is Art. 205 of the Criminal Code in practice for? 27 June, 2018    243

“The state has no responsibility for anything it does” (interview of partners at KM Partners for Yurydychna Gazeta) 21 June, 2018    895

Penalties for the late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the buyer: the issue is still pending 15 June, 2018    333

Cash register: the next expected changes 15 June, 2018    424

Can courts of the administrative jurisdiction consider disputes on recoveries under a void transaction? 13 June, 2018    232

Have submitted tax return, trouble follows 11 June, 2018    301

Exclusion of technical re-equipment and other changes in regulatory procedures in construction 11 June, 2018    203

Block not. Inna Taptunova comments on functioning of the tax invoice blocking system 06 June, 2018    228

Changes in regulation of cash transactions (full review) 06 June, 2018    493

Does the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine have any authorities for Unified Social Tax audit? 05 June, 2018    1946

Changes in regulation of cash payments (updated) 01 June, 2018    438

Changes in regulation of cash payments 30 May, 2018    1697

Concerning the liability for violations under the city planning legislation 15 May, 2018    474

Security of legal costs as new instrument against ungrounded claims 14 May, 2018    293

Extension of transfer pricing control to PEs of non-residents 10 May, 2018    363

Environment impact assessment during execution of projects on operating enterprises 27 April, 2018    308

Bulgaria is excluded from the list of “low tax” jurisdictions for TP purposes 27 April, 2018    364

Transfer Pricing penalties: is it OK to apply penalty for the late submission of the report on controlled transactions for the period before January 01, 2017? 26 April, 2018    240

Alexander Shemiatkin: is the International Monetary Fund against for sure? 23 April, 2018    274

Criminal proceedings on tax evasion: summary statistics for 2017 17 April, 2018    614

Every one is free 16 April, 2018    877

Іnterrogation protocol and tax information cannot be regarded as evidences of “fictitiousness” 13 April, 2018    1375

The real goal of verdicts under Article 205 of the Criminal Code: are there any purposes of this article? 06 April, 2018    984

The right for renewal of terms for appeal vs. res judicata principle 06 April, 2018    3140

The Supreme Court ordered the first «exemplary» decision in the taxes cases 06 April, 2018    907

Updating! The case for “forming a single law enforcement practice” regarding the assessment of the verdict under Art. 205 of the Criminal Code in relation to the director of the counteragent was transferred for consideration of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court 23 March, 2018    1526

Key risks to commercial activity connected with the Law on Corporate Agreements and the Law on Limited Liability Companies 22 March, 2018    4740

Abuse of procedural rights. The first сourt practice of applying the provisions of the CAPU 20 March, 2018    914

Controlling authorities without powers, or what do the euphemisms in lawmaking lead to (customs post-audit is currently illegal?) 20 March, 2018    326

What are the grounds for non-scheduled tax audits in 2018? 19 March, 2018    454

The Supreme Court: appealing of tax audits within criminal proceeding 16 March, 2018    3075

The non-compliance with order of appointment and conducting of the tax audit: what are the consequences? 15 March, 2018    595

The opposite positions of the Supreme Court regarding the consequences of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code concerning the contractor: who is right? 15 March, 2018    1430

Transfer pricing penalties: general overview 12 March, 2018    654

The list of “low-tax” jurisdictions, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for transfer pricing purposes, was amended 07 March, 2018    946

Comment of Alexander Minin to article on “Trap for investor. Does Ukraine need the exit capital tax?” 06 March, 2018    258

The first “tax” decision of the renewed Constitutional Court of Ukraine 02 March, 2018    1785

Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast (Shakespeare W.) 28 February, 2018    587

The Procedure on installment of VAT payment when importing the equipment for own production came into force in Ukraine 28 February, 2018    658

The consequences of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code regarding supplier in the practice of new Supreme Court: why so disappointing to find out? 27 February, 2018    1895

E-cabinet of the taxpayer: from the origin of concept to its implementation in practice 24 February, 2018    1262