First impressions of the draft Law No. 5368 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (concerning improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine)” – why are rudiments still remaining? 01 December, 2016    115

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The changeable aspect (interview with Alexander Minin) 25 November, 2016    213

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Tax audits in the framework of criminal proceedings: unlawfulness, inadmissibility, consequences 26 October, 2016    4846

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Are the steps on reducing amount of criminal proceedings upon results of tax audits effective? 17 October, 2016    340

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine abolished the Resolution # 724 “On the use of the reference customs value in the system of risk management” 12 October, 2016    254

End of special VAT regime for agribusiness 07 October, 2016    254

Criminal proceedings under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the first half of 2016: statistics, verdicts and trends? 04 October, 2016    559

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Electronic declaration distinctions according to the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” 30 September, 2016    725

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The State Labour Service of Ukraine started to apply sanctions for the concealment of labour relations 21 September, 2016    354

Normal price. Version of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine 20 September, 2016    471

Obligatory confirmation of nonprofit status up to January 1, 2017 20 September, 2016    656

The List of goods listed on the exchange for the purposes of transfer pricing has been recently adopted 16 September, 2016    291

Comment on the future of the legal career 14 September, 2016    204

Tax jury court: resolution of tax disputes is the matter of the taxpayers 13 September, 2016    203

EU competition policy and European integration of Ukraine 09 September, 2016    369

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Implementation mechanism and limitation of priority of certain tax provisions (regarding mutual agreement procedures under tax conventions) 17 June, 2016    452

“The main thing today is to enable the economy to develop”, – Alexander Minin 15 June, 2016    196

Conversion of foreign investments is not obligatory that facilitates the rehabilitation of the financial standing of subsidiaries 14 June, 2016    339

Practical effects of liability under Article 163-1 Code of Administrative Violations (violation of the procedure of tax accounting) 10 June, 2016    1129

NBU allows repatriation of dividends and other “steps in right direction” 09 June, 2016    1160

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