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Who determines the normative monetary valuation (NMV) of land outside settlements? 19 February, 2019    67

The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court confirmed the right of taxpayers to recover taxes from the State budget 18 February, 2019    148

The profitability of economic activity in agriculture: the main parameters 15 February, 2019    133

For owners of real estate in Kyiv: property tax – what’s the rate? 13 February, 2019    158

New normative monetary valuation of lands outside of settlements starting from January 01, 2019 – myth or reality? 11 February, 2019    216

New amount of fines for violation of the labor legislation 08 February, 2019    216

Liberalization of currency legislation: the second step 04 February, 2019    279

The mission is (NOT) to be caught: supposedly extended deadlines for appealing on tax assessment? 21 January, 2019    502

Transfer pricing penalties 2019: onwards and upwards 17 January, 2019    264

Amendments of TP rules 2019 that concern permanent establishments of non-residents: what is new and important 16 January, 2019    326

The biggest achievement of our company is the creation of a new and more perfect vision of problems solving 15 January, 2019    416

Thresholds of criminal liability under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in 2019 09 January, 2019    3481

Whether income upon credit’s receipt or upon some other long-term debt’s appearance is recognized for the taxation purpose? 28 December, 2018    307

When tax liabilities can be considered fulfilled in case of problems with the bank? 28 December, 2018    183

Details of application of 30% adjustment under pp. 140.5.4 of the Tax Code when dealing with German companies 20 December, 2018    266

20-OPP: to submit or not to submit and what we shall expect afterwards, that is the question 17 December, 2018    514

Reduction of court fee in 2019: do we have to rejoice? 17 December, 2018    1990

Should we trust the verdicts and other decisions in criminal proceedings under Art. 205 of the CC of Ukraine? 12 December, 2018    450

Penalties for the late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the buyers (further development) 11 December, 2018    641

Review of practice of the Supreme Court in 2018 related to the differentiation of civil and labor relations 11 December, 2018    413

Electronic Trust Services: What Is Changed? (Part II) 05 December, 2018    139

Electronic Trust Services: What Is Changed? (Part I) 04 December, 2018    255

On the issue of possible tactics and updating approaches to court proceedings regarding «sham transactions» 30 November, 2018    453

To adjust financial result or to apply TP – that is the question 29 November, 2018    324

How to evaluate the inaction of the tax authority regarding the termination of shady contractors in the light of disputes over “sham transactions” 28 November, 2018    231

Transfer pricing in figures 26 November, 2018    256

To resolve doubts 21 November, 2018    457

Global Trend: Operations with Raw Materials and Traditional Hard Industrial Products as a target of TP 20 November, 2018    257

Exit Capital Tax 2019 — leave them, kids, alone 19 November, 2018    391

Leave us alone. How the Exit Capital Tax will change business behavior 16 November, 2018    305

Corporate Profit Tax: an obstacle to GDP growth 14 November, 2018    288

The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court has announced an adjournment in case on VAT budget reimbursement 07 November, 2018    450

To lose on someone else’s mistakes 06 November, 2018    390

Payment under a preliminary agreement: prepayment only or not? 01 November, 2018    367

«Taxes are the issue that concerns everyone despite the sphere of business» (interview of Senior Of Counsel at KM Partners Antonina Gorodetska for «Zakon i Biznes») 31 October, 2018    202

Statistics on criminal proceedings regarding Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine within 9 months of 2018 30 October, 2018    651

They looked as if they had complete confidence in their conclusions but then just changed their minds:
the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine insists that there is no need to make quarterly 30 % adjustments in transactions with companies registered in «low tax» jurisdictions and companies with legal forms included into the special list adopted by CMU
26 October, 2018    530

New and old risks connected to contradiction in names of the positions in the staff list of the employer and the Occupational Classification 25 October, 2018    401

New obstacles for taxpayers. Reimbursement of legal aid expenses 25 October, 2018    620

Parallel Import: Hidden Tax Risks for Official Importers in the context of Transfer Pricing rules 24 October, 2018    285

WTS Global Country TP Guide:
A comprehensive survey on Transfer Pricing from 73 countries
12 October, 2018    643

Caution…new courts! 04 October, 2018    1455

Presidential Administration answered whether ATO was completed 01 October, 2018    541

Yes, I`m kidding! SFS: payment of dividends in cash to non-resident is not a controlled transaction 28 September, 2018    573

Payment of dividends in cash is a controlled transaction? Are you kidding? 27 September, 2018    508

Cassation Administrative Court is applying to the Grand Chamber: urgent questions and results 26 September, 2018    720

Court of Justice of the European Union: organisms, obtained by mutagenesis, are GMO.
Relevance for Ukrainian legislation
25 September, 2018    349

Electronic administration system – VAT on manual control? 17 September, 2018    784

Corporate Risks under the Law on Companies 12 September, 2018    509

The Great Chamber of the Supreme Court will consider the issue (in case on “old” VAT reimbursement) – whether
(1) the demand on recovery of funds from the State Budget is deemed as appropriate effective defense of violated rights of taxpayers, or
(2) the Court considers solely application on motivation of state authorities to do what they should have done

And how one can recover “old” VAT budget reimbursement which was to be recovered according to the Temporary register
11 September, 2018    699