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Penalties for late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the customers: the issue on the rise with the new value? 04 December, 2020    73

Evidential force of emails: positions of the Commercial Cassation Court 03 December, 2020    252

Migration and taxation issues in times of COVID-19 02 December, 2020    146

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2020 26 November, 2020    2205

Statistics of criminal proceedings under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for three quarters of 2020 24 November, 2020    199

The GDA (General Declaration of Arrival) has sneaked up on us unawares 19 November, 2020    374

The Draft Law No. 4065 – what shall we expect? 05 November, 2020    481

20-OPP – here we go again! 04 November, 2020    399

What is worthy of note in Draft Law No. 2194 on deregulation of land relations? 30 October, 2020    980

The Law No. 466-IX stipulates that the income of individuals from certain transactions with investment assets is calculated at normal prices. What does it mean? 16 October, 2020    454

Registration of VAT invoices is blocked – so what is to be done? – ІІІ
(when usual measures do not solve the problem)
15 October, 2020    476

Ask a lawyer: when does an employee have the right to claim compensation for moral damage? 12 October, 2020    320

Electronic workflow and the moment of occurrence of tax liabilities – and more… 06 October, 2020    724

New proportionate TP adjustment rules introduced into Ukrainian tax law since May 2020 06 October, 2020    292


Blocking of VAT invoices registration – are the tax authorities actually entitled to such right? 30 September, 2020    807

Registration of VAT invoices is blocked – what shall be done?
(possibility of uncommon approaches to, unfortunately, common problem)
29 September, 2020    3092

Getting ready for tax audits’ “tsunami” after quarantine?
How many tax audits are really needed?
25 September, 2020    759

It’s better to keep it the way it is than such Bureau on Economic Security of Ukraine 23 September, 2020    349

To recognize or to ignore the unmotivated decisions of the State Tax Service: did the Supreme Court choose the right «verb»? 16 September, 2020    348

Bureau on Economic Security of Ukraine: a secure come back to insecure practice? 03 September, 2020    403

Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on illegality of quarantine measures 01 September, 2020    1621

Constitutional Court decided on illegality of quarantine measures 31 August, 2020    408

Each violation requires separate penalty to be imposed and separate tax notification-decision to be issued. Is different approach illegal? 27 August, 2020    347

Development of TP control over PEs in Ukraine: new rules apply to profit calculations from May 2020 26 August, 2020    631

CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS: when and what for should the terms of investigation be checked 25 August, 2020    2766

What is happening with penalties for the late registration of tax invoices, which are not issued to the buyers 12 August, 2020    2649

New law on land use planning 11 August, 2020    2513

Law No. 731-IX: Quarantine is no longer an unconditional ground for the renewal/extension of procedural terms 04 August, 2020    5824

Statistics of criminal proceedings under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Tax evasion”) for the first half of 2020 28 July, 2020    1150

VAT exemption for software products supplies. Changes expected? 22 July, 2020    282

No limitation period for tax offences? 09 July, 2020    511

Liability transferred after M&A: How new management can avoid risks 24 June, 2020    381

Tax on corporate lending and bond issues in Ukraine: overview 17 June, 2020    175

Tax on corporate transactions in Ukraine: overview 17 June, 2020    182

When a law is not the law 12 June, 2020    527

Auditor’s Report for 2019 without watchful eye of tax authorities 12 June, 2020    792

Transfer Pricing and the Law No. 466-IX: Review of the most important changes 09 June, 2020    1097

Draft Law No. 2260: What will change in the sphere of electronic workflow in case of its signing by the President of Ukraine 01 June, 2020    1500

Alexander Minin comments about the effect of the Law No. 466-IX on IT-industry in Ukraine 29 May, 2020    631

Ukrainian Parliament implements three-tier approach to TP documentation and other important changes to the Tax Code 26 May, 2020    730

“One-way street” – the legislator has blocked the collection of debts from the state according to court decisions 22 May, 2020    4343

Taxation of residential property: questions and suggestions 22 May, 2020    14409

Fine line: tax collection VS expropriation of investments 14 May, 2020    443

Guilty though guiltless
Expected problems of application of p. 2 Art. 6 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms when determining guilt under the Draft Law No. 1210
13 May, 2020    857

Responsibility for quarantine restrictions: not about 17 000 UAH of fine for citizens, but about responsibility of officials for unlawful restrictions on business and society 13 May, 2020    1078

Illegal quarantine in Ukraine 30 April, 2020    8195

Does the state make “too many efforts” for economy recovery through changes in taxation (by shortchanging itself?)? 28 April, 2020    312

How to deal with the contractor’s debt expected not to be returned in the tax accounting 27 April, 2020    409

What is new about quarantine restrictions? 24 April, 2020    482