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“Day D”: Draft Law No. 1210 has been adopted in the second reading and as a whole 17 January, 2020    236

Inconsistency of the Law with the Constitution in administrative proceedings: admitted not be overlooked 17 January, 2020    123

The Main Legal Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the approach to the absence of appropriate authority of the State Tax Service 17 January, 2020    263

Thresholds of criminal liability under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine starting from January 01, 2020 14 January, 2020    289

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO): who can get this status? 14 January, 2020    175

Starting from January 01, 2020, the List of legal forms of non-residents that do not pay profit tax and/or are not tax residents in the countries of their registration has been changed in Ukraine 14 January, 2020    199

KM Partners together with business counter “draconian” penalties for late registration of tax invoices 13 January, 2020    216

Approaches must be changed, not people 09 January, 2020    348

Legal Business 2019: Life requires movement 26 December, 2019    156

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status and its advantages 24 December, 2019    189

Updating! False start. Increased liability on tax evasion
and some other crimes,
some other important changes of the Law on Amendments on Simplifying the Pre-Trial Investigation of Certain Categories of Criminal Offences
20 December, 2019    1179

Changes regarding penalties for violation of labour legislation. What to expect? 18 December, 2019    503

Updating the procedure of customs clearance under the Law on Authorized Economic Operators 16 December, 2019    209

Draft Law No. 2179 has been adopted 13 December, 2019    317

Interest payment to Cyprus: pitfalls of applying the Convention 03 December, 2019    588

Decriminalization of “sham business activity”: what`s on practice? 02 December, 2019    493

High-end Transfer Pricing
Series of materials: Transfer Pricing and losses are not a verdict yet. In what cases are they justified and how shall it be done
Part 1, 2
28 November, 2019    548

Draft Law No. 2179 – unprecedented fines and misuse risks 26 November, 2019    1067

To work after admission 06 November, 2019    440

Role of the ECHR in tax disputes in Ukraine 06 November, 2019    479

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has ratified several Protocols on Avoidance of Double Taxation: amendments 31 October, 2019    469

What else is happening around the “Philip Morris” Settlement Agreement on tax dispute resolution,
is it worth taking for granted the statements on legislation compliance
and what is to be done in this case?
29 October, 2019    806

Changes to the procedure for imposing penalties for violation of labour law 25 October, 2019    630

And again, about significant transactions: judicial practice 18 October, 2019    785

Schrödinger’s contract – does it exist or not? 17 October, 2019    329

Decriminalization of tax evasions on amount < UAH 2 881 500
Retroactivity of the effective version of Article 212 of the Criminal Code
11 October, 2019    1831

When the tax authorities may request price justification in operations, which fall under the norm of 30 % adjustment (subpara. 140.5.4 Article 140 of the Tax Code)? 11 October, 2019    374

Directory of qualification characteristics of professions of employees – binding or non-binding 09 October, 2019    334

Why customs value is a problem for “white” business and for “grey” an opportunity, or where prescribed by law customs value control system fails? 08 October, 2019    415

To suspend business until an “impossible” document is obtained, or approaches of environmental inspection and courts to certain issues of application of the legislation on environmental expertise and environmental impact assessment 07 October, 2019    315

Legal paradoxes concerning charter capital of a limited liability company 04 October, 2019    884

What information about beneficiaries bank is entitled to request? 04 October, 2019    411

When can we open a current account not only in the bank, or what’s interesting about the Second Payment Services Directive? 04 October, 2019    301

What has changed with the adoption of the new Procedure for Monitoring Сompliance with Labour Law? 03 October, 2019    641

Inspection visits exclusively on the basis of ILO Conventions No. 81 or No. 129. Are they legitimate? 02 October, 2019    302

New rules. Monopolization. Uncertainty.
27 September, 2019    2813

Decriminalization of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and changes to Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – increasing of taxes non-payment thresholds that may lead to criminal prosecution
What are the practical implications for current cases?
26 September, 2019    6730

Land reform protectors: how they work in the EU 18 September, 2019    388

Ask a lawyer: what financial assistance do you have the right to receive from an employer? 16 September, 2019    2011

Americans restrict the purchase of agricultural lands by foreigners 12 September, 2019    626

Exit Capital Tax + BEPS 06 September, 2019    677

False start? The State Tax Service launched in breach of the Constitution. What will the Guarantor say on that score? 06 September, 2019    2058

Foreign VAT refund 03 September, 2019    418

Testing the provisions of law for inconsistency with Constitution: is it worth waiting for a final «lose» in a case and file a constitutional complaint or other options still available here? 30 August, 2019    790

Tax dispute: what else to be guided by besides the Tax Code? 28 August, 2019    966

What is happening around the “Philip Morris” Settlement Agreement on tax dispute resolution
What questions arise and why
Why this is important for other taxpayers
23 August, 2019    4224

Moratorium and the European Court of Human Rights – what exactly has the court decided? 19 August, 2019    423

Land fakes 19 August, 2019    461

License for storage of fuel – regulation of market or new corruption risks? 19 August, 2019    880

Days of War of State Labour Service. The Supreme Court confirmed the 1.3 million fine imposed on entrepreneur for unreported employment 07 August, 2019    870