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Finally! The deadline for submitting information on beneficiaries and ownership structures has been postponed for 9 months 08 October, 2021    293

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2021 06 October, 2021    1312

Ukraine Ministry of Finance clarifies general tax consultation on deemed dividends 01 October, 2021    365

Have you formed a VAT tax credit in relation to the purchase of marketing services? Be ready to answer the questions of the tax authorities about using such services in economic activity. 29 September, 2021    242

New administrative districts: government is reforming, and business is suffering 27 September, 2021    261

September 25th: has the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine been launched and what is waiting for the State Fiscal Service authorities (tax police)? 27 September, 2021    167

Sick leave e-certificates: аre there any improvements? 23 September, 2021    240

Tax police performance before liquidation.
Statistics of criminal proceedings regarding tax evasion for the first half of 2021
06 September, 2021    298

How “the state in the smartphone” works with VAT refund as an example 02 September, 2021    215

New rules of the game of tax control over large taxpayers
Is it really necessary to submit an electronic audit file (SAF-T UA) to the tax authorities during the documentary audit
31 August, 2021    396

Taxation of digital services in Ukraine 30 August, 2021    313

The draft law on environmental control No. 3091 was adopted as a basis. Apparently, under the motto “let’s close all businesses and let the trees grow on the ruins of abandoned factories” 19 August, 2021    406

Disputes concerning the classification of goods under the UCG FEA code: actual judicial practice that may be useful in a “fierce struggle” with the customs authority 19 August, 2021    319

Wages payment is not a controlled transaction! How the court took the side of adequacy and took away the opportunity for the tax authorities to fine persons for non-existent violations 13 August, 2021    410

What changes does the Draft Law No. 5600 propose? 15 July, 2021    4264


Double Tax Treaty with Austria: what changes and when 08 July, 2021    316

Draft law No. 5600 abolishes restrictions on audits of VAT refunds.
And what is the electronical VAT administration system for? (are we going back from the “State in Smartphone” to hands-on control of VAT?)
07 July, 2021    718

Thoughts on the draft law No. 5600: tax lien for non-confirmed liabilities – why is it better for the legislator to give up the idea? 06 July, 2021    590

How to buy agricultural land in Ukraine (without limitations)? 05 July, 2021    434

Race on providing information on the ultimate beneficial owners. X-day on July 11! 02 July, 2021    1271

TAX AUTHORITY’S LIABILITY FOR VIOLATIONS: BUY NICE OR BUY TWICE (and considering the new legislation – thrice) 02 July, 2021    442

Plastic bag ban: analysis of the law 01 July, 2021    944

Draft law on land consolidation 29 June, 2021    554

Amendments to the Convention between Ukraine and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Avoidance of Double Taxation from 2022 25 June, 2021    327

Assignments to Ukraine: overview of tax, social security and immigration related matters for cross-border work 18 June, 2021    477

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine clarifies some TP issues 16 June, 2021    700

The Supreme Court has finally “heard” the arguments of taxpayers regarding the issue of establishing the “reality” of business transactions (and not only about that) 14 June, 2021    2109

TOP-3 trends in tax law of Ukraine 14 June, 2021    463

Try it again, or how to bypass the moratorium on tax audits for the second time 14 June, 2021    501

Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Draft Law No. 4184: “Google Tax” and other important changes 09 June, 2021    918

Statistics of criminal proceedings for tax evasion for the first quarter of 2021 31 May, 2021    865

Discounting, discounting, discounting… 28 May, 2021    1662


The individual receives the tax notification-decision, where the tax authority has accrued tax on real estate, other than a land plot. What shall be done? 21 May, 2021    1315

Ukraine’s new transfer pricing rules expand taxpayer obligations 19 May, 2021    953

Electronic sick leave certificates shall be applied from May 01 30 April, 2021    1261

Key changes in tax liability and fines under the Tax Code of Ukraine from January 01, 2021 27 April, 2021    453

The court decision on the registration of tax invoices – is it just the beginning? 22 April, 2021    892

Ask a lawyer: what are the benefits provided for employees working in harmful working conditions? 22 April, 2021    945

Another law to reduce the pressure on business – a wolf in sheep’s clothing? 16 April, 2021    526

Customs value disputes: a review of recent decisions of the Supreme Court 15 April, 2021    739

Diia City – what is it all about? 14 April, 2021    5390

Deadlines for appealing the Unified Social Contribution surcharges: the view of the Supreme Court of Ukraine 12 April, 2021    1608

Tax incentives for significant new investments 02 April, 2021    1375

How a disproportionate strengthening of the rights of tenants of agricultural land under the bill No. 2194 can turn against them and worsen the situation 30 March, 2021    1904

The draft law on tax amnesty introduces a new tax (fee): what for? 26 March, 2021    670

Tougher requirements 26 March, 2021    484

Changes regarding form of the Report on controlled transactions and the Order of its filling 25 March, 2021    622

Thresholds of criminal liability under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in 2021 15 March, 2021    21206