New version of the Code on administrative proceedings of Ukraine becomes effective on December, 15. Key changes to consider now 13 December, 2017    263

The new social contract on VAT 12 December, 2017    166

The resolution of TP disputes will shift to the interstate level? The first statistics on the effectiveness of mutual agreement procedures in 2016 was published in pursuance of BEPS Action 14 11 December, 2017    134

The prosecutor’s office has lost powers of pre-trial investigation of crimes prosecuted by the State Bureau of Investigations 04 December, 2017    295

Tax audits within criminal proceeding in 2017
Statistics. Turning point in court practice. Comments
01 December, 2017    702

Concerning the provisions of the Draft Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2018” (No. 7000 as of September 15, 2017) regarding the normative monetary valuation of lands 16 November, 2017    632

The High Administrative Court of Ukraine reminds of the need to motivate court decisions 16 November, 2017    450

Foreign TP practice. The north-eastern neighbor of Ukraine “turns the screws on taxpayers” already in the courts 13 November, 2017    205

Ukraine has ratified Protocols No. 15 and No. 16: changes in the procedure of application and consideration of cases by the European Court of Human Rights 08 November, 2017    299

Grey agricultural market in Ukraine: what measures should be undertaken in order to solve this problem? 07 November, 2017    166

Ukraine and the United Kingdom signed the Protocol with significant amendments to the 1993 Double Tax Treaty 07 November, 2017    227

Review of amendments to the accounting legislation 2017 03 November, 2017    1721

Innovations in the financial area… Ukraine can still be a leader 31 October, 2017    175

Amendments to Classification of the types of designated purpose of land and their sense in respect of land and tax laws 20 October, 2017    571

Penalties for the late registration of the tax invoices, which should not be provided to the buyer. Are there grounds to apply them in 2017? 20 October, 2017    453

To improve valuation 18 October, 2017    313

Criminal liability for rulemaking, which leads to decrease in tax revenues 13 October, 2017    517

The First Shots in Ukrainian TP Court Practice 05 October, 2017    306

Ukraine adapts registration of VAT vouchers to tackle fraud 02 October, 2017    312

Review of the court practice of the courts of cassation on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2017 01 October, 2017    720

Constitutional complaint in tax matters. A new way of protection against defective laws 29 September, 2017    335

Criminal proceedings for tax evasion in the first half of 2017: “ghost” of tax police and “efficiency” of the court 27 September, 2017    730

When the tax audit might be expected? And what factors will be considered by the tax authorities? 22 September, 2017    402

The ECHR case of “A and B v. Norway”. When the taxpayer becomes tried twice by means of tax assessment? 08 September, 2017    655

Saying ain’t doing: permission to conduct a tax audit ≠ appointment 06 September, 2017    544

The mechanism of constitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine related to the tax matters 23 August, 2017    514

Review of ECHR case-law relevant for tax disputes 22 August, 2017    763

Court fees: is it possible to expect compensation in the case of the respondent’s voluntary fulfillment of the claims before the completion of the trial? 21 August, 2017    440

Pre-investigation on the tax evasion (Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine): is it now only about the deputies and the authorities? 21 August, 2017    1204

Tax police: courts finally determining the absence of authority 18 August, 2017    6891

Vehicle tax as a school of local taxes (on the cusp of recognizing unconstitutional) 15 August, 2017    346

The plea agreements under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The main trends 10 August, 2017    369

Can business work without paper contracts? 08 August, 2017    334

Reimbursement of overpaid tax on property located in area where a counter-terrorism operation is being conducted 07 August, 2017    2371

What should be done if the registration of a tax invoice has been suspended? 04 August, 2017    13812

Tax credit since July 2017: can it be contested by the tax authority if the tax invoice is registered in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices? 04 August, 2017    3148

The first court practice in disputes on transfer pricing. Conclusions for business 02 August, 2017    1437

Remuneration of the resident forwarding agent and customs value. To include or not to include – that is the question. Or not a question anymore? 24 July, 2017    176

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the list of legal forms of non-residents that do not pay profit tax and/or are not tax residents in the countries of their registration 17 July, 2017    1827

Outstaffing: controlling bodies’ claims and court practice 17 July, 2017    1238

Corporate Profit Tax or Exit Capital Tax 14 July, 2017    743

Environmental impact assessment instead of environmental expertise – what new permit will appear at the end of 2017 13 July, 2017    2934

“Competitive tax system needs decisive changes”, – Ivan Shynkarenko (Interview) 12 July, 2017    314

Penalties of the State Labour Service of Ukraine 11 July, 2017    871

Normative monetary valuation of lands is at the intersection of Land and Tax Law 10 July, 2017    1642

[Unlawful] significant land fee payments, which are not under the Tax Code 07 July, 2017    801

Review of the court practice of the courts of cassation on important (problematic) issues related to taxation 07 July, 2017    994

Criminal proceedings for tax evasion in the first quarter of 2017: verdicts, trends and statistics 05 July, 2017    1177

[Сriticism of] Ministry of Finance’s proposition on solving the problem of sanctions for delays caused by the cyber-attack 04 July, 2017    605

Specialist sees improvement in Ukraine’s tax collection system (interview with Alexander Minin) 03 July, 2017    273