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Abuse of procedural rights. The first сourt practice of applying the provisions of the CAPU 20 March, 2018    32

Controlling authorities without powers, or what do the euphemisms in lawmaking lead to (customs post-audit is currently illegal?) 20 March, 2018    58

What are the grounds for non-scheduled tax audits in 2018? 19 March, 2018    139

The Supreme Court: appealing of tax audits within criminal proceeding 16 March, 2018    1474

The non-compliance with order of appointment and conducting of the tax audit: what are the consequences? 15 March, 2018    322

The opposite positions of the Supreme Court regarding the consequences of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code concerning the contractor: who is right? 15 March, 2018    328

Transfer pricing penalties: general overview 12 March, 2018    243

The list of “low-tax” jurisdictions, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for transfer pricing purposes, was amended 07 March, 2018    362

Comment of Alexander Minin to article on “Trap for investor. Does Ukraine need the exit capital tax?” 06 March, 2018    123

The first “tax” decision of the renewed Constitutional Court of Ukraine 02 March, 2018    1133

Key risks to commercial activity connected with the Law on Corporate Agreements and the Law on Limited Liability Companies 28 February, 2018    2349

Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast (Shakespeare W.) 28 February, 2018    325

The Procedure on installment of VAT payment when importing the equipment for own production came into force in Ukraine 28 February, 2018    226

The consequences of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code regarding supplier in the practice of new Supreme Court: why so disappointing to find out? 27 February, 2018    936

E-cabinet of the taxpayer: from the origin of concept to its implementation in practice 24 February, 2018    396

TP disputes: what we can understand from the first dispute in Ukraine that concerns application of the net margin method 23 February, 2018    342

Decisions of the new Supreme Court on customs issues: following the chosen vector 22 February, 2018    2316

How to cheat friends (i.e. creditors) and influence people (i.e. company, which is not belongs to you) – based upon the Draft Law “On Limited Liability Companies and Companies with Subsidiary Liability” 14 February, 2018    1706

Blocking of the tax invoices – issue philosophy 13 February, 2018    494

Tax time: conclusions and challenges for lawyers 13 February, 2018    522

Obliged to refund. Comment of Alexander Minin on draft law No. 7518 12 February, 2018    215

Certification of products is canceled: what are the consequences? 07 February, 2018    388

Special rules concerning the permanent establishment of non-residents in TP changes from January 01, 2018. What to prepare for? 06 February, 2018    277

Introduction of preliminary control over the registration of tax invoices and automatic budgetary refund 05 February, 2018    240

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2018 01 February, 2018    437

Review of the court practice of the courts of cassation on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2017 31 January, 2018    967

Employer’s review of the employee’s correspondence: the ECHR has changed its judgment in the case of Bărbulescu v. Romania 31 January, 2018    266

Costs for legal support of attorney at law: how to estimate and prove? 31 January, 2018    578

State registration of ownership title and other proprietary rights to the land plot – on conditions of accuracy of the State Land Cadaster 29 January, 2018    435

Ban on auditing. Are the tax audits under the ban? 29 January, 2018    407

The SFS authorized officials – who are they? 26 January, 2018    895

The first working results of the new Supreme Court: have the expectations of taxpayers been fulfilled? 24 January, 2018    1703

Multiplying controversy 24 January, 2018    344

30 % adjustment under subpara. 140.5.4 of the Tax Code of Ukraine from now on will cover one more kind of transactions. What do we think about practical application of new rules? 22 January, 2018    279

The new transitional provisions on TP self-adjustments: more questions than answers yet again? 19 January, 2018    244

Changes in tactics and strategy in disputes with state authorities, considering the changes of approaches to reimbursement of costs for legal support 18 January, 2018    397

Thresholds of criminal liability under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine starting from January 01, 2018 17 January, 2018    1491

“Normal price” Vs. “Arm’s length price”. Is it possible to dot the i’s and cross the t’s? 16 January, 2018    257

Dividends payment by single tax payers of the 4-th group: changes from January 01, 2018 12 January, 2018    313

To which court to apply today… 12 January, 2018    420

Traditional tax Xmas gifts 05 January, 2018    677

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a new list of “low tax” jurisdictions, operations with which will be recognized as controlled ones starting from the next year 29 December, 2017    527

Still under pressure: what is real purpose of controlling bodies? 28 December, 2017    300

Criminal proceedings on tax evasion within 9 months of 2017: statistics, pace of consideration and verdicts 26 December, 2017    661

Waiting for the amendments in TP rules in 2018. What is to be prepared for? 22 December, 2017    211

When to expect the “discounts” for filing to the court the documents in electronic form? 22 December, 2017    304

New Draft Law on BEPS implementation 19 December, 2017    218

Regarding the Law of Ukraine “On the Basic Principles of Cybersecurity Protection of Ukraine” 18 December, 2017    290

New version of the Code on administrative proceedings of Ukraine becomes effective on December, 15. Key changes to consider now 13 December, 2017    852

The new social contract on VAT 12 December, 2017    303