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Documentary tax audits and additional accruals – within what terms are they possible now?
And what is the storage period of documents for such tax audits (because how can there be a documentary tax audit without documents)?

author: Alexander Minin

09 January, 2024 Exclusive

Given a renewal of massive documentary tax audits, the issue of terms, within which such tax audits, surcharges, and sanctions are possible, is gaining relevance.

Numerous moratoriums on tax audits, the conditions and time frames of which have been changing significantly from the time of the COVID quarantine to the period of martial law, might have affected the period covered by the tax audit now.

Therefore, according to the law, the period for tax audits is generally limited to 1,095 days. However, there are still some specifics of the calculation of the limitation period for tax audits which are described in this article. Furthermore, the article outlines the effect of an attempt to stop such a limitation period on the terms of retention of documents that may be required during the tax audit and other issues that are not properly regulated at the legislation level.

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