The ECHR case of “A and B v. Norway”. When the taxpayer becomes tried twice by means of tax assessment? 08 September, 2017    285

Court fees: is it possible to expect compensation in the case of the respondent’s voluntary fulfillment of the claims before the completion of the trial? 21 August, 2017    219

Pre-investigation on the tax evasion (Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine): is it now only about the deputies and the authorities? 21 August, 2017    379

Tax police: courts finally determining the absence of authority 18 August, 2017    5274

Vehicle tax as a school of local taxes (on the cusp of recognizing unconstitutional) 15 August, 2017    221

Reimbursement of overpaid tax on property located in area where a counter-terrorism operation is being conducted 07 August, 2017    549

What should be done if the registration of a tax invoice has been suspended? 04 August, 2017    3123

Tax credit since July 2017: can it be contested by the tax authority if the tax invoice is registered in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices? 04 August, 2017    901

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the list of legal forms of non-residents that do not pay profit tax and/or are not tax residents in the countries of their registration 17 July, 2017    1177

Environmental impact assessment instead of environmental expertise – what new permit will appear at the end of 2017 13 July, 2017    591

Criminal proceedings for tax evasion in the first quarter of 2017: verdicts, trends and statistics 05 July, 2017    732

[Сriticism of] Ministry of Finance’s proposition on solving the problem of sanctions for delays caused by the cyber-attack 04 July, 2017    564

Sanctions for delayed tax returns/invoices registration, caused by cyberattack, should not be applied 30 June, 2017    2019

The criteria for blocking tax invoices and the procedure of the SFS commission have become effective 27 June, 2017    3706

“Engel criteria” in Ukrainian practice as an indicator of increasing of the level of court procedure 26 June, 2017    417

Once again regarding stability of vehicle tax in 2017. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the methodology of determination of the mid-market price of cars 26 June, 2017    304

Draft of the amendments to the Procedure for the inclusion of royalties/license fees in the customs value. What`s new? 21 June, 2017    205

Self-adjustments to the limit values of the range for TP purposes: should we apply to the transactions starting from 2017 only? 20 June, 2017    197

Progress of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine in the vehicle tax issue 16 June, 2017    343

Foreign investors received the right to obtain temporary residence permits in Ukraine 12 June, 2017    420

Risks due to the new NBU’s requirements on the disclosure of ultimate beneficial owners of non-resident creditors 02 June, 2017    844

Changes in the procedure of issuance of employment permit for a foreigner 01 June, 2017    2996

Legalization of [unlawful] tax audits within criminal proceedings? 29 May, 2017    1225

Your goods may be brought to occupied territories from other countries? Then get ready to suspension of foreign economic activity in Ukraine 26 May, 2017    305

July is around the corner, but the criteria for suspension of tax invoices registration are still in the draft 25 May, 2017    634

Іnterrogation protocol of the contractor’s director ≠ Proof of the “unreality” of transactions 22 May, 2017    2554

Personal economic sanctions and their possible impact on users 17 May, 2017    927

Сancellation of the mandatory use of seals: is it a complete cancellation? 16 May, 2017    752

The policy of “easing” the foreign exchange regulation. The NBU allowed to pay dividends for 2016 and other changes 27 April, 2017    718

History of the Victory.
The Court of Appeal cancelled the Court ruling on appointment of the tax audit under subpara. 78.1.11 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (case of A. Zhurzhii)
27 April, 2017    6329

E-declaration – the way to the criminal case? 26 April, 2017    997

Blocking of the tax invoices registration or false business activities “in a new way”? 14 April, 2017    10570

NBU changes regarding the procedure for the conduction of currency transactions with non-residents 13 April, 2017    1988

The government inspector is on his way! Or how many controlling authorities are there in Ukraine? 04 April, 2017    858

New means of stopping the copyright infringement in the Internet 31 March, 2017    1016

Favorable trends of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine on vehicle tax practice 24 March, 2017    363

Woop-woop! – Is that the sound of da police?
– You wish… this is KGB! Oops, I mean, this is Labour Inspection!
17 March, 2017    1083

Determination of taxation rules priority 07 March, 2017    1118

The High Administrative Court of Ukraine about the vehicle tax (third attempt) 28 February, 2017    886

Criminal liability for tax evasion – how it was corroborated by the courts in 2016 and what are the real sanctions 22 February, 2017    3475

New regulation on normative monetary valuation of lands within settlements: a hidden threat 10 February, 2017    13776

In the nearest time the unused overpayment of сorporate profit tax declared in 2013 will “vanish” 02 February, 2017    370

Abolition of a special VAT regime for agriculture, forestry and fishery activities 26 January, 2017    1976

Once again on vehicle tax and more 25 January, 2017    2178

Criminal proceedings for tax evasion in 2016: verdicts, trends and statistics 17 January, 2017    1980

Still more new rules 2017 – Xmas gifts in corporate profit tax 13 January, 2017    5267

Amendments to subpara. 78.1.11 of the Tax Code of Ukraine – it would be better not to have changed it at all 13 January, 2017    1897

Mandatory requisites of primary documents were changed 11 January, 2017    8860

Thresholds of criminal liability for tax evasion under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code in 2017
Which amount of tax notification-decisions would become intimidating this year?
11 January, 2017    67618

What will affect the increased since 2017 minimum wage? 06 January, 2017    1698