New regulation on normative monetary valuation of lands within settlements: a hidden threat 10 February, 2017    535

In the nearest time the unused overpayment of сorporate profit tax declared in 2013 will “vanish” 02 February, 2017    246

Abolition of a special VAT regime for agriculture, forestry and fishery activities 26 January, 2017    412

Once again on vehicle tax and more 25 January, 2017    500

Criminal proceedings for tax evasion in 2016: verdicts, trends and statistics 17 January, 2017    637

Still more new rules 2017 – Xmas gifts in corporate profit tax 13 January, 2017    718

Amendments to subpara. 78.1.11 of the Tax Code of Ukraine – it would be better not to have changed it at all 13 January, 2017    814

Mandatory requisites of primary documents were changed 11 January, 2017    2136

Thresholds of criminal liability for tax evasion under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code in 2017
Which amount of tax notification-decisions would become intimidating this year?
11 January, 2017    39822

What will affect the increased since 2017 minimum wage? 06 January, 2017    1277

Who will actually pay more in 2017? Changes in remuneration of labour 30 December, 2016    5545

New tax rules 2017 – Xmas gifts in value added tax 30 December, 2016    3351

New tax rules 2017 – Xmas gifts in general administration of taxes 30 December, 2016    995

What to expect in 2017? The President signed the law regarding the unified social contribution 29 December, 2016    3088

The new enormous fines for violations of labor legislation in 2017 29 December, 2016    8511

New TP rules 2017 – Xmas gifts in transfer pricing 27 December, 2016    675

Criminal liability under the Tax Code 13 December, 2016    690

Amendments to the Procedure for processing and filing of complaints by taxpayers and their consideration by supervisory authorities 12 December, 2016    332

First impressions of the draft Law No. 5368 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (concerning improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine)” – why are rudiments still remaining? 01 December, 2016    2144

Penalty for an incomplete declaration of controlled transactions in case of report adjustment. For what are good faith taxpayers penalized? 28 November, 2016    345

Recognition and taxation of permanent establishments of non-residents on the territory of Ukraine in the light of latest practice of the Supreme Court of Ukraine – BEPS implementation? 24 November, 2016    471

Risks of creation of the permanent establishment under the agency and/or commissionaire agreement 22 November, 2016    424

The controversial position of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine in 2016 18 November, 2016    805

Whether expenses caused by decreasing of carrying amount of land property will be deducted in taxation? 08 November, 2016    237

Tax audits within criminal proceedings: unlawfulness, inadmissibility, consequences 26 October, 2016    6077

Are the steps on reducing amount of criminal proceedings upon results of tax audits effective? 17 October, 2016    437

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine abolished the Resolution # 724 “On the use of the reference customs value in the system of risk management” 12 October, 2016    375

Criminal proceedings under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the first half of 2016: statistics, verdicts and trends? 04 October, 2016    1082

Electronic declaration distinctions according to the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” 30 September, 2016    3872

The State Labour Service of Ukraine started to apply sanctions for the concealment of labour relations 21 September, 2016    1990

Normal price. Version of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine 20 September, 2016    1032

Obligatory confirmation of nonprofit status up to January 1, 2017 20 September, 2016    973

The List of goods listed on the exchange for the purposes of transfer pricing has been recently adopted 16 September, 2016    369

The steps to decrease the number of criminal proceedings upon the results of tax audits 22 August, 2016    683

Further liberalization of currency restrictions 29 July, 2016    387

Conversion of foreign investments is not obligatory that facilitates the rehabilitation of the financial standing of subsidiaries 14 June, 2016    429

Practical effects of liability under Article 163-1 Code of Administrative Violations (violation of the procedure of tax accounting) 10 June, 2016    1703

NBU allows repatriation of dividends and other “steps in right direction” 09 June, 2016    1436

Changes in labour law regarding probationary period 06 June, 2016    634

Who should pay taxes and penalties for exemption from liability under part 4 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine? 30 May, 2016    958

How to determine the cars, which are the subject of transport tax – the price with or without VAT? 27 May, 2016    917

Does the car tax contradict WTO rules? 27 May, 2016    686

The Supreme Court of Ukraine upheld the resolution of the court on collection of VAT from the State Budget 20 May, 2016    620

The Supreme Court of Ukraine confirmed the possibility of appealing of the verdict on approval of plea agreements with the prosecutor by a person who was not involved in the case 27 April, 2016    871

If expenses should not be deducted in 2015 and could not be deducted in 2016 – the Ministry of Finance will advise you 26 April, 2016    393

Changes in the system of control over economic concentrations 25 March, 2016    541

Supreme Court of Ukraine confirmed the right of the taxpayers to Appeal the Individual Tax Consultations within the Court 24 March, 2016    433

Terms of cameral tax audit of corporate profit tax according to Supreme Court of Ukraine 16 March, 2016    485

Long-awaited new form of the Report on controlled transactions has come into force 10 March, 2016    1264

Reasons for conviction on tax evasion in 2015? 04 March, 2016    1054