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Non-fixed working hours employment: what are the rules?

17 August, 2022 Newsletters

The new Law regulates a new type of employment agreement. This is an employment agreement with non-fixed working hours, under the terms of which:

    1. the specific time of the employee’s performance of work is not established (the agreement specifies only the time intervals when the employee can be involved in work);
    2. the employee’s obligation to perform work arises only in the case of providing work by the employer;
    3. there is no guarantee that work will be provided by the employer permanently;
    4. the employer independently determines the need and time for involving the employee to work (within the basic hours and days established in the agreement);
    5. compliance with the conditions of remuneration (minimum wage) is provided. The employee must work at least 32 hours per month, if not, the employee must still be paid a salary for at least 32 hours of working time. In other cases, salary is paid to the employee for the time actually worked.

The number of employment agreements with non-fixed working hours for one employer cannot exceed 10 % of the total number of employment agreements. Employers with ten or fewer employees are allowed to conclude one employment agreement with non-fixed working hours.

The full version of the article is available in Ukrainian by the link.

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