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Continuation of labor reform under martial law: the Draft Law No. 7251 (Part 1)

authors: Alexander Shemiatkin, Yaroslava Ivasiuk, Iryna Hochachko

13 July, 2022 Exclusive

On July 1, 2022, the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine on the optimization of labor relations” was adopted (the draft law was registered under No. 7251). The main changes in the law are as follows:

  • the guarantee of maintenance of the average earnings by the employer for employees called-up for military service has been canceled;

  • new grounds for terminating employment and a new ground for dismissal at the employer’s initiative have been introduced;

  • the effect of labor provisions introduced during the period of martial law have been extended to public employees;

  • the inconsistency regarding the notification of a change in essential working conditions has been resolved;

  • it is allowed to establish alternative methods of communication in agreement with the consent of employee;

  • the procedure for suspending the employment contract has been clarified;

  • employees and employers will be able to get compensation of sums of money related to labor relations and lost as a result of armed aggression against Ukraine;

  • inspections of the State Labor Service have been resumed.

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