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The new Law on strengthening the protection of employees’ rights: what has changed?

authors: Alexander Shemiatkin, Yaroslava Ivasiuk, Iryna Hochachko

15 June, 2022 Exclusive

On May 27, 2022, the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on strengthening the protection of employees’ rights” dated May 12, 2022, No. 2253-IX came into force.

This Law amends a number of legal acts, but mainly deals with three topics – collective agreements, mass dismissal and discrimination.

The main changes concern the following:

  • collective agreements – subjects of concluding a collective agreement and the term of the collective agreement in case of reorganization or change of owner have been changed, rules for acquainting employees with the collective agreement are established, the possibility of extending the rules of the sectoral (intersectoral) agreement is provided;

  • mass dismissal – new indicators of mass dismissal are established, the procedure for consultations on measures to prevent mass dismissal is improved, notification of the trade union on mass dismissal is provided;

  • discrimination – certain business entities are granted the right by the charter to give a pre-emptive right to their members and founders, the concept of "unreasonable refusal to hire" is defined, the obligation of the employer to provide a written response at the request of the candidate on the reasons for the refusal to hire.

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