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Review of VAT changes in Draft Law 4184, or not only Google

22 February, 2021 Newsletters

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From October 18, 2023, registration of all legal entities in the “Electronic Court” becomes mandatory: what does it mean and what risks does it carry? 05 October, 2023    590

What are the deadlines to file a claim for the recovery of the “old” VAT refund according to the Supreme Court of Ukraine? 04 October, 2023    233

Shortening the terms for conducting tax audits on the basis of para. 78.1.8 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (VAT for refund or negative value over UAH 100,000) and cancellation of tokens
(or about innovations of the Law No. 2918-IX)
15 March, 2023    640

Time limits for collection of budgetary compensation for VAT: what has changed after the decision of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine? 01 March, 2023    899

Yuliia Kryvomaz spoke at the online meeting of the Ukrainian Bar Association on VAT problems 13 February, 2023    1498

From now officially – foreign (EU) QESs are recognized under Ukrainian law, and other changes related to QESs 31 January, 2023    1092

On January 1, 2023, the VAT exemption for the IT sector will expire 26 December, 2022    348

Foreign (EU) electronic signatures are recognized in Ukraine 02 December, 2022    1311

Document without a number and date: new DSTU 4163:2020 03 November, 2021    1511

Taxation of digital services in Ukraine 30 August, 2021    988

Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Draft Law No. 4184: “Google Tax” and other important changes 09 June, 2021    2157

Diia City – what is it all about? 14 April, 2021    26250