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Changes regarding form of the Report on controlled transactions and the Order of its filling

authors: Viktoriia Shevchenko, Daria Kachan

25 March, 2021 Newsletters

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Finally! Ukraine has joined Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on the Exchange of Country-by-Country Reports 09 November, 2022    264

New decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine regarding TP rules: new approaches to the application of the CUP method, but, unfortunately, questions still remain 05 October, 2022    504

Ukraine adopts new procedure on advance pricing agreements for transfer pricing purposes 19 November, 2021    501

Ukraine Ministry of Finance clarifies general tax consultation on deemed dividends 01 October, 2021    855

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine clarifies some TP issues 16 June, 2021    1478

Ukraine’s new transfer pricing rules expand taxpayer obligations 19 May, 2021    7852

New rules on business purpose in Ukraine
Test introduced in 2020 has been revised with effect from 2021
09 March, 2021    1169

Country-by-Country Reporting: Form and procedure of submission 05 March, 2021    1696

Transfer Pricing reporting for 2020: what else you should know 19 February, 2021    1012

The Coca-Cola’s billion dollar loss in Transfer Pricing dispute with US tax authorities over royalties, or why taxpayers shouldn’t be overoptimistic about agreements with the state 17 February, 2021    1362

Thank you for not approving it on the 31th of December! The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a list of raw-material goods that fall under the TP scope 16 December, 2020    1637

The Law No. 466-IX stipulates that the income of individuals from certain transactions with investment assets is calculated at normal prices. What does it mean? 16 October, 2020    1183