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Military transport obligation during martial law (Part 2)

authors: Alexander Minin, Yaroslava Ivasiuk, Iryna Hochachko

19 August, 2022 Exclusive

The legislation provides the obligation for the heads of enterprises, institutions, and organizations to submit information on the availability of vehicles and equipment, their technical condition, as well as on employees, who work on such vehicles and equipment. Such information shall be submitted to the territorial recruitment and social support centers every year not later than June 20 and December 20.

As for the provision of information about employees, we believe that the law provision refers to those employees for whom a vehicle is the main means of production, which is necessary for the performance of his (her) main functions.

In addition, given the ambiguous interpretation of the rules, companies can justify the position that the relevant information does not need to be submitted at all during a special period.

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