The ECHR case of “A and B v. Norway”. When the taxpayer becomes tried twice by means of tax assessment?

08 September, 2017 Newsletters

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Ukraine has ratified Protocols No. 15 and No. 16: changes in the procedure of application and consideration of cases by the European Court of Human Rights 08 November, 2017    247

Review of ECHR case-law relevant for tax disputes 22 August, 2017    684

“Engel criteria” in Ukrainian practice as an indicator of increasing of the level of court procedure 26 June, 2017    656

Comment on judgment of the ECHR in the case of Polimerkonteyner, TOV v. Ukraine 19 April, 2017    650

Groundlessness of bringing to responsibility for “tax evasion” under the Criminal Code while applying sanctions under the Tax Code 29 February, 2016    2179

Court practice of the European Court of Human Rights on the issues of court fees 30 December, 2015    5140