Motivation of the court decisions in the tax disputes or “by the name because therefore is”

04 October, 2012 Projects

problem en The aim of the project:

to reach the unity in understanding that “the nature of functioning of judicial authority consists that in such functioning the logic of power substitutes for power of logic” (Boštjan Zupančič)

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Materials to the project:

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The High Administrative Court of Ukraine reminds of the need to motivate court decisions 16 November, 2017    369

Review of ECHR case-law relevant for tax disputes 22 August, 2017    684

Amendments to the Procedure for processing and filing of complaints by taxpayers and their consideration by supervisory authorities 12 December, 2016    439

Problems of motivation of court decisions in tax disputes (2012) 10 December, 2013    2701

We have been heard: the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine determined the requirements for the court decision 09 October, 2013    6516