Deregulation Act abolished the state registration of franchise agreements

16 March, 2015 Newsletters

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The new law on business deregulation was adopted in Ukraine 11 March, 2015    3288

Registration of franchise agreements (subfranchise agreements) – what, where, when and how? 03 February, 2015    1622

Simplification of the procedure of individuals – entrepreneurs’ liquidation and possibility to commit registration acts for legal entities which made a decision on termination was established 16 May, 2014    6152

The Acting President has signed the Law that reduces a number of licensing documents. The main advantages and disadvantages of the new law 30 April, 2014    2707

The new Law on simplification of procedure of business setting up 29 April, 2014    2302

In the first reading the draft law on the simplifying of the certification procedure in the grain market of Ukraine was adopted 23 May, 2013    3789

Practical aspects of franchise agreements registration 23 August, 2012    12459