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Registration of tax invoices in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices – The Supreme Court has heard us, that the payer doesn’t register! 29 July, 2019    2340

Environmental impact assessment instead of environmental expertise – what new permit will appear at the end of 2017 13 July, 2017    17663

Amicable settlement in tax disputes 25 December, 2014    5204

Keeping place of work, position and average wage by military man at the expense of the employer 13 May, 2019    470

What do we know about the Unified Information and Telecommunication Court System now? 03 April, 2019    971

Moratorium and the European Court of Human Rights – what exactly has the court decided? 19 August, 2019    297

Days of War of State Labour Service. The Supreme Court confirmed the 1.3 million fine imposed on entrepreneur for unreported employment 07 August, 2019    639

The court of appeal has supported cancellation of the new main State Construction Norms of Ukraine 27 June, 2019    589

State supervision reform 20 February, 2019    623

Increased liability on tax evasion and some other crimes, and some other important changes of the Law on Amendments on Simplifying the Pre-Trial Investigation of Certain Categories of Criminal Offences 14 May, 2019    749

Why customs value is a problem for "white" business and for "grey" an opportunity, or where prescribed by law customs value control system fails? 08 October, 2019    146

Penalty for late registration of tax invoices in terms of legal certainty 25 July, 2019    583

What has changed with the adoption of the new Procedure for Monitoring Сompliance with Labour Law? 03 October, 2019    187

The Draft Law No. 1073 is not about cashback, it's about full fiscalization 17 September, 2019    1099

The UBA Committee on Tax and Customs Law Meeting on September 30, 2019 24 September, 2019    51

Review of practice of the Supreme Court on important (problematic) issues related to taxation for 2019 02 August, 2019    800

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of September 25, 2019 № 846 27 September, 2019    145

What else is happening around the “Philip Morris” Settlement Agreement on tax dispute resolution, is it worth taking for granted the statements on legislation compliance and what is to be done in this case? 11 October, 2019    143

Entrepreneur and customs 16 October, 2019    35

E-cabinet of the taxpayer: from the origin of concept to its implementation in practice 24 February, 2018    2522

Round table on Draft Law No. 7518 26 February, 2018    883

Who is the owner of the country? 05 March, 2018    1369

Transfer pricing penalties: general overview 12 March, 2018    29794

The right for renewal of terms for appeal vs. res judicata principle 06 April, 2018    14648

Іnterrogation protocol and tax information cannot be regarded as evidences of “fictitiousness” 13 April, 2018    1937

The decision of the Supreme Court as March 30, 2018 05 April, 2018    464

Transfer Pricing penalties: is it OK to apply penalty for the late submission of the report on controlled transactions for the period before January 01, 2017? 26 April, 2018    401

The first working results of the new Supreme Court: have the expectations of taxpayers been fulfilled? 24 January, 2018    2518

Bulgaria is excluded from the list of "low tax" jurisdictions for TP purposes 27 April, 2018    839

What are the grounds for non-scheduled tax audits in 2018? 19 March, 2018    629

Is ATO over?Or “I've brought you a package… But I will not give it to you” 03 August, 2018    4010

Comment on judgment of the ECHR in the case of Polimerkonteyner, TOV v. Ukraine 19 April, 2017    1195

Security of legal costs as new instrument against ungrounded claims 14 May, 2018    605

Q&A with Alexander Minin of KM Partners, 2019 "Law Firm of the Year" Winner in Ukraine 13 August, 2018    771

Block not. Inna Taptunova comments on functioning of the tax invoice blocking system 06 June, 2018    419

Is the practice of the Supreme Court formed if there is Art. 205 of the Criminal Code concerning the contractor? 21 August, 2018    3017

The Letter of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine concerning the fact that payment of dividends is not controlled transaction 28 September, 2018    218

Leave us alone. How the Exit Capital Tax will change business behavior 16 November, 2018    567

Judgments of the Zaporizhzhya District Administrative Court as of April 26, 2018 11 December, 2018    82

The resolution of the Chernivtsi District Administrative Court as of February 09, 2017 27 December, 2018    185