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Instruction on actions during the inspection of labour legislation compliance by Labour Inspection

03 April, 2017 Instructions and templates


1. Instruction of employees.

In order to prepare and avoid any misunderstandings during the inspection of the business entity (hereinafter – “the Enterprise”) the instructions (trainings, seminars) should be periodically conducted for employees of the Enterprise with intent to explain them the order of behavior during inspection, and their rights.

2. Determination of an authorized person on the Enterprise.

Inspection of the Enterprise should be conducted in the presence of a Director or an authorized person of the Director (para. 11 of Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles of State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity”, hereinafter – “the Law”). Thus, we suggest for the Enterprise (for every separate business unit of the Enterprise if available) to appoint by specific order a person authorized to represent the Enterprise’s interests in relations with representatives of the controlling authority during the inspection (hereinafter – “the Authorized Person”). The rights and responsibilities of the Authorized Person during the inspection should be clearly defined in the order.


1. Notification of the inspector’s arrival. ...


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