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Alexander Minin and Ivan Shynkarenko delivered a report at the seminar “Taxes, currency and more: what business needs to know in 2019″

03 May, 2019 Chronicles and faces

The seminar “Taxes, currency and more: what business needs to know in 2019″, which was organized by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce was held on March 13, 2019. Alexander Minin, Senior Partner at and Ivan Shynkarenko, Partner, delivered a report at the seminar.

In the speech on increasing of administrative pressure and penalties imposed on taxpayers, Alexander Minin told about attempts of tax authorities to apply penalties for violation of cash circulation standards, the failure to provide 20-OPP form regarding anything that accounts for “taxable objects” in the tax authority’s opinion, and for the VAT voucher late registration to be treated as an extortion tool instead of actual assurance of full tax payment.

Alexander Minin explained, why and how we need to fight with this practice of tax authorities, also pointed out to the sanctions to be considered in terms of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the relevant judicial practice of the European Union.

The speech of Ivan Shynkarenko was devoted to changes in the transfer pricing rules in 2019. He focused on controversial moments in the innovations on TP rules and new opportunities of the tax authority within TP control. Ivan also spoke about unusual innovations in law enforcement, in particular, the recognition by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine the payment of wages to individuals non-residents the controlled operations and explained the falsehood of such logic of the tax authorities.

Download pdf-file of the presentation of Alexander Minin (823 Kb)

Download pdf-file of the presentation of Ivan Shynkarenko (625 Kb)

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