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Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in Case of Österlund v. Finland 26 February, 2016    1757

Useful court decisions regarding local taxes 10 February, 2016    1701

Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on declaring Income Tax Act 1894 unconstitutional 24 November, 2015    1189

Letter of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases: rules of qualification of official forgery which is the scheme of tax evasion 08 October, 2015    878

Resolution of the Supreme Court of Ukraine: peculiarities of treatment of official forgery which was committed for the purpose of tax evasion 08 October, 2015    1136

Instruction on algorithm of behavior during the interrogation of witness 03 April, 2015    3336

The Judgments of the European Court of Justice as a reference for grounding of compliance of the Estonian corporate income tax system to the directives of the European Union 18 July, 2014    4031

WTS Global TP Survey and Country Guide 2013 27 November, 2013    2649

The Letter of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine “Regarding judicial practice on appeals against decisions on determining (adjustment) customs value” 19 August, 2013    6557

The Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on Transfer Pricing” 09 August, 2013    4256

Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine No. 6-rp/2013 dated 11 July, 2013 in court case № 1-4/2013 (case on reimbursement of expenses for legal services within commercial proceedings) 09 August, 2013    5054

The Draft Law on Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on transfer pricing (for preview) 01 August, 2013    5085

Convention between the Government of the Republic Cyprus and the Government of Ukraine for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income 13 November, 2012    11502

Тransfer Pricing Manual for Developing Countries 10 October, 2012    4404

Transfer Pricing and Customs Value (ICC Policy Statement) 21 September, 2012    4604

Instruction regarding actions of company staff during the tax audit (updated) 30 August, 2012    10416

Draft letter to the tax authorities with an offer of amicable settlement in a court case on tax losses of previous years. 26 July, 2012    4511

VAT on payment of bonuses to buyers. Russian practice. (Сontinuation) 11 June, 2012    5628

Typical (model) explanation of refusal of signing the tax audit act (certificate) under the wording of the declarative character. 24 April, 2012    7135

Typical (model) response to the request of the tax police in accordance with Article 97 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in deciding the issue regarding initiation of criminal case based on the results of tax audit with the subsequent assessment of tax liabilities. 19 April, 2012    12521

Ruling of Presidium of Higher Administrative Court of RF regarding VAT object during payment of bonuses to retailers 17 April, 2012    5524

Ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation as of December 21, 2004 № 454 concerning the court’s obligation to recover costs for the services on representation in court within reasonable limits. 09 April, 2012    6918