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Instruction on actions during the inspection of labour legislation compliance by Labour Inspection 03 April, 2017    2393

Instruction on algorithm of behavior during the interrogation of witness 03 April, 2015    3380

Instruction regarding actions of company staff during the tax audit (updated) 30 August, 2012    10460

Draft letter to the tax authorities with an offer of amicable settlement in a court case on tax losses of previous years. 26 July, 2012    4539

Typical (model) explanation of refusal of signing the tax audit act (certificate) under the wording of the declarative character. 24 April, 2012    7170

Typical (model) response to the request of the tax police in accordance with Article 97 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in deciding the issue regarding initiation of criminal case based on the results of tax audit with the subsequent assessment of tax liabilities. 19 April, 2012    12556