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The State Tax Service shall not be the controlling authority under the law
and shall not be entitled to conduct tax audits
(or The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine forever, or at least until changes to the Tax Code are inroduced)?
22 May, 2019    1387

Why will everything change from October 1 for representations of non-residents? 20 May, 2019    912

Special duty for all goods from the Russian Federation: importers – get ready 16 May, 2019    451

Intersexualbudget relations or the budget process in the Ukrainian manner 15 May, 2019    921

General declaration 14 May, 2019    252

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The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+ The State Customs Service-competition (and competitive conditions) 07 May, 2019    597

TP control in Ukraine: times changе 03 May, 2019    470

The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+The State Customs Service-competition (and the International Monetary Fund) 26 April, 2019    685

The tendency, however…
The State Fiscal Service again wins in the dispute on the TP rules at the level of appeal
25 April, 2019    935

Notes on “fresh” tax report of the European Parliament 24 April, 2019    314

Modernization of Ukraine, the steps I believe 23 April, 2019    382

War is a bullshit, are maneuvers more important? (or why tax invoice registration is more important than tax payment?) 01 April, 2019    617

On the nature of money and the functions of the National Bank of Ukraine 21 March, 2019    2792

On unlawful bank management of clients’ money and the credit emission 20 March, 2019    352

On the apparency of right for money 19 March, 2019    329

On the immanent property of money and the victim complex 18 March, 2019    511

5th single tax group: “+” vs “-“ 01 March, 2019    1696

Manipulation as an investment project 25 February, 2019    587

Are TP rules applied to wages payment? The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine assumes “yes”.
What’s wrong with this position?
21 February, 2019    541

Сustoms value is an acute problem again: notes for business 30 January, 2019    1994

Value Added Tax (VAT): what is wrong and what is to be done? 24 January, 2019    1587

What will «budget» changes to the Tax Code add to the TP rules? 06 December, 2018    824

Why the Exit Capital Tax should be implemented, rather than just keep struggling with corruption and fostering/upgrading qualification of tax authorities as yet 07 November, 2018    875

The results of the latest «2018 International Tax Competitiveness Index» research or the reason why ECT is the most promising tax reform 26 October, 2018    603

Has the Supreme Court legitimated transit cars with euro-numbers? 23 October, 2018    680

The spirit of the international community of TP professionals

Impressions of participation in the Global Transfer Pricing Forum in Munich under the auspices of the International Tax Review
17 October, 2018    634

#8557 #ECT vs BEPS (plan to counteract tax base blurring) 20 September, 2018    1899

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What to do if the outdated Labor Code is not being reformed despite of ever-changing life? 20 August, 2018    11664

How to dispose of the problems with VAT refund and more 15 August, 2018    1526

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Classification without rules or who will pay for contrabandists? 19 July, 2018    1025

TP control over non-controlled transactions in Ukraine in the light of fresh Indian court practice 25 May, 2018    893

The unified authority for investigation of economic crimes (part two: operative investigation activities) 16 May, 2018    1507

FALSE TARGET. Why do we need the unified authority for investigation of economic crimes? 02 May, 2018    1507

The unified authority for investigation of economic crimes (part one: whom to obey, whom to hire) 23 April, 2018    1426

YOU ARE BIRDS OF A FEATHER 23 April, 2018    2138

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Who is the owner of the country? 05 March, 2018    949

How to cheat friends and influence people – based upon the Draft Law “On Limited Liability Companies and Companies with Subsidiary Liability” 14 February, 2018    2675

The Draft Law of Ukraine “On Limited Liability Companies and Companies with Subsidiary Liability”: the first impressions 07 February, 2018    1270

Court disputes on the net margin method: the first battle in Ukraine won by taxpayers 20 December, 2017    1560

Might the VAT “exemption” for soybean, sunflower and rape export not be used? 11 December, 2017    1386

Guilt complex 28 November, 2017    893

Victim complex 23 November, 2017    1036

Thoughts on the BEPS implementation in Ukraine, inspired by the Russian lawmaking 20 November, 2017    1742