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“Backdating” VAT exemption: what to do? 02 April, 2020    232

Special rules of appeal against surcharges (penalties) on the Unified Social Contribution 24 March, 2020    176

What does the law on preventing COVID-19 change in the field of labor relations? 19 March, 2020    433

Agricultural land exchange: the abolition of the moratorium may provoke disputes regarding questionable transactions of the past 06 March, 2020    121

«Automatic» transfer of the land lease in case of purchase of the building: judicial practice and prospects 28 February, 2020    264

Recent Changes in Administrative Proceedings 17 February, 2020    279

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO): what is the procedure for obtaining the status? 10 February, 2020    178

What are the risks of transferring electronic signature to another person? 27 January, 2020    338

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO): who can get this status? 14 January, 2020    397

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status and its advantages 24 December, 2019    412

Updating! False start. Increased liability on tax evasion
and some other crimes,
some other important changes of the Law on Amendments on Simplifying the Pre-Trial Investigation of Certain Categories of Criminal Offences
20 December, 2019    1399

Updating the procedure of customs clearance under the Law on Authorized Economic Operators 16 December, 2019    300

High-end Transfer Pricing
Series of materials: Transfer Pricing and losses are not a verdict yet. In what cases are they justified and how shall it be done
Part 1, 2
28 November, 2019    647

Schrödinger’s contract – does it exist or not? 17 October, 2019    427

Decriminalization of tax evasions on amount < UAH 2 881 500
Retroactivity of the effective version of Article 212 of the Criminal Code
11 October, 2019    2449

When the tax authorities may request price justification in operations, which fall under the norm of 30 % adjustment (subpara. 140.5.4 Article 140 of the Tax Code)? 11 October, 2019    527

Directory of qualification characteristics of professions of employees – binding or non-binding 09 October, 2019    483

To suspend business until an “impossible” document is obtained, or approaches of environmental inspection and courts to certain issues of application of the legislation on environmental expertise and environmental impact assessment 07 October, 2019    437

What information about beneficiaries bank is entitled to request? 04 October, 2019    477

When can we open a current account not only in the bank, or what’s interesting about the Second Payment Services Directive? 04 October, 2019    377

Inspection visits exclusively on the basis of ILO Conventions No. 81 or No. 129. Are they legitimate? 02 October, 2019    393

Foreign VAT refund 03 September, 2019    495

License for storage of fuel – regulation of market or new corruption risks? 19 August, 2019    967

Electronic signature on regular USB drive: to be, or not to be 09 July, 2019    669

All we need is FREEDOM! 19 June, 2019    1227

Registration of tax invoices – who actually registers them and are there any reasons for applying penalties for violation of terms of tax invoices registration in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices? 10 June, 2019    2952

Should the penalty be paid in the event of self-correction (self-assessment) of tax liabilities for previous periods? 10 June, 2019    619

Personal responsibility of the head of the Company and other important changes in the Bankruptcy Procedures Code: analysis of some innovations 07 June, 2019    1086

The risk of invalidity of the transaction is no longer hypothetical, it has already been confirmed by judicial practice 30 May, 2019    688

Searching for the line between commercial and administrative jurisdictions 15 May, 2019    530

Additional parcellation or transfer the lands of collective agricultural enterprises to municipal ownership, consolidation of the tracts of agricultural lands, toughening of the land moratorium and other highlights of the Law № 2498 14 May, 2019    443

Keeping place of work, position and average wage by military man at the expense of the employer 13 May, 2019    1893

Electronic evidence: European view and domestic judicial practice 25 April, 2019    516

Unexpected victory of the State Fiscal Service at the appeal stage in the important dispute on the TP rules: important court positions 19 April, 2019    1542

What do we know about the Unified Information and Telecommunication Court System now? 03 April, 2019    1716

Do the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies have a right to apply penalties for the violation of the National Bank of Ukraine standards on cash circulation? 22 March, 2019    711

Tax audits without approved unified form of audit acts. What are the consequences? 07 March, 2019    588

Penalties for violation in cash circulation sphere. Is everything so bad? 27 February, 2019    829

Who determines the normative monetary valuation (NMV) of land outside settlements? 19 February, 2019    602

The profitability of economic activity in agriculture: the main parameters 15 February, 2019    420

For owners of real estate in Kyiv: property tax – what’s the rate? 13 February, 2019    548

New normative monetary valuation of lands outside of settlements starting from January 01, 2019 – myth or reality? 11 February, 2019    1343

Whether income upon credit’s receipt or upon some other long-term debt’s appearance is recognized for the taxation purpose? 28 December, 2018    611

When tax liabilities can be considered fulfilled in case of problems with the bank? 28 December, 2018    461

20-OPP: to submit or not to submit and what we shall expect afterwards, that is the question 17 December, 2018    1337

Penalties for the late registration of tax invoices, which are not provided to the buyers (further development) 11 December, 2018    1235

Review of practice of the Supreme Court in 2018 related to the differentiation of civil and labor relations 11 December, 2018    955

Electronic Trust Services: What Is Changed? (Part II) 05 December, 2018    538

Electronic Trust Services: What Is Changed? (Part I) 04 December, 2018    700

On the issue of possible tactics and updating approaches to court proceedings regarding «sham transactions» 30 November, 2018    1245