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What equipment have you bought with the real-estate object? 20 June, 2017    161

What is to be done with “ghosts” (or if the financial investigations department as a part of the tax authority is addressing you now) 31 May, 2017    300

Tax on immovable property other than a land plot. Part 3 (which grounds may arise for appealing of decisions of local councils) 26 May, 2017    205

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The new procedure on employers’ inspections has become effective 19 May, 2017    437

Ukrainian customs regime of inward processing: Is there a need of “crush-test” for the applied business model? 18 May, 2017    160

Tax on immovable property other than a land plot. Part 2 (which amendments can be implemented with coming into force still in 2017) 27 April, 2017    219

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Practical aspects of disclosure of information on ultimate beneficiary owners: problems with registration card and variants of their solving 12 May, 2015    2964

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Databases protected by copyright and sui generis right (of its own kind) 19 January, 2015    1491

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Opening of the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property – a long-awaited step, but with incomplete implementation 20 October, 2014    4702

Disclosure of final beneficiaries: will the companies’ ownership structure become more transparent? 17 October, 2014    22568

Exemption from duties in the EU: what should the Ukrainian exporters know? 14 October, 2014    2824

Refusal in acceptance of customs declaration: what to do? 10 October, 2014    2463

Ризик кримінального провадження за наслідками складення податковим органом протоколу про адміністративне правопорушення 10 October, 2014    2125

Сontesting individual tax consultations from the viewpoint of judges of the Higher Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The latest trends. 02 September, 2014    2593

Issues that should be known in case of submission of a joint claim based on requirements under several agreements to a commercial court 26 August, 2014    2272

Documentary proof of expenses on the consulting, administrative, marketing, informational, infotechnological and other similar services 20 August, 2014    2998

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Transfer pricing and customs valuation: How to get use of the coincidence of the two pricing control mechanisms 01 August, 2014    3816

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Penalty for violation of tax legislation and when it does not apply (analysis and practical advices) 06 May, 2014    1852

Legal regulation of permissive procedures for import of seeds, and the question of necessity of additional permissive documents for “relocation of quarantine materials 03 April, 2014    3906

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Suspension of execution of court decisions in tax disputes.
Part 1. Technical issues
14 November, 2013    10984

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