Another ‘artifice’ with overpayment of Corporate Profit Tax

11 August, 2015 Newsletters

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In the nearest time the unused overpayment of сorporate profit tax declared in 2013 will “vanish” 02 February, 2017    295

Technical debt = abuse of power by tax authorities – confirmed by the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine! 01 July, 2015    1110

Advance payments on corporate profit tax – complications in recognition by tax authorities the right of taxpayers to direct the overpayment on the profit tax as well as advance payments on payment of dividends of the current reporting period to payment of periodic advance payments on corporate profit tax 13 September, 2013    7887

Advance payments on CPT: The State Tax Service of Ukraine has confirmed the possibility of making advance payments by means of set-off against the overpayment of this tax 17 April, 2013    5390

Making advance payments on CPT by means of set-off against the overpayment on this tax 17 January, 2013    7662