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Inconsistency of the Law with the Constitution in administrative proceedings: admitted not be overlooked

17 January, 2020 Newsletters

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“Day D”: Draft Law No. 1210 has been adopted in the second reading and as a whole 17 January, 2020    1027

KM Partners has defended the interests of METRO CASH & CARRY UKRAINE in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine confirming the right for return the local taxes’ overpayment in ATO territory 07 June, 2019    702

Blocking of tax invoices: the position of the Supreme Court 31 May, 2019    1140

Supreme Court on terms of claim submission to the court on issues, related to taxes:
(1) The “Tax” Chamber of the Cassation Administrative Court confirmed the right to apply to the court regarding fine recovery for untimely VAT reimbursement within a 1095-days limitation period
(2) The Unified Chamber of the Cassation Administrative Court confirmed the right to appeal in court of the legal act within whole period of its effect (duration of a statute)
27 March, 2019    6277

Reduction of court fee in 2019: do we have to rejoice? 17 December, 2018    2692

Rent payment. Changes of 2016 29 January, 2016    6401

Court practice of the European Court of Human Rights on the issues of court fees 30 December, 2015    8474

About materiality or immateriality of the court fee. Or if unclear – it is all about money again 07 December, 2015    1775

Collection point. Mistake or a crime of the legislator: military fee as an example 20 November, 2015    667

Rules in tax and customs disputes in respect of court fee changes from September 1, 2015 19 November, 2015    2223

When additional import duty will be abolished? 06 October, 2015    987

Changes of the court fee payment: how much will the taxpayer pay for the dispute with the tax body? 22 July, 2015    4504