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Electronic VAT administration in slides: what is changing, the problems that are still remaining (line 24, line 23.2), and the aim of introduction of VAT electronic accounts and other (updates as of 25.11.2014)

19 November, 2014 Newsletters

On November 18, 2014 the Forum of the Non-Profit Organizations “Tax reform. Focus On Electronic VAT Administration system: Consequences and Alternatives for Business” took place in Kiev. On the forum the representatives of the State Fiscal Service (in particular, Privalova N. E.) were asked the specific questions about the electronic VAT accounts. Experts described the problems of the introduction of Electronic VAT Administration System (for details please see the presentation below). The specific answer  re. the lines 24 and 23.2 of VAT declaration was not received, however, the representatives of the State Fiscal Service promised to submit the amended draft Law to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. More on this topic please see also: “The consequences of introduction of VAT electronic accounts for VAT overpayment”.

Download pdf-file of presentation in Ukrainian (778,0 Kb)

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