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Tax audits without approved unified form of audit acts. What are the consequences?

authors: Alexander Shemiatkin, Anna Kravchuk, Alexander Kumar

07 March, 2019 Exclusive

Article is available in Ukrainian and Russian languages
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The State Tax Service shall not be the controlling authority under the law
and shall not be entitled to conduct tax audits
(or The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine forever, or at least until changes to the Tax Code are inroduced)?
22 May, 2019    416

The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+ The State Customs Service-competition (and competitive conditions) 07 May, 2019    510

The State Fiscal Service=The State Tax Service+The State Customs Service-competition (and the International Monetary Fund) 26 April, 2019    388

To resolve doubts 21 November, 2018    523

Presidential Administration answered whether ATO was completed 01 October, 2018    735

The non-compliance with order of appointment and conducting of the tax audit: what are the consequences? 15 March, 2018    679

Tax audits within criminal proceeding in 2017
Statistics. Turning point in court practice. Comments
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History of the Victory.
The Court of Appeal cancelled the Court ruling on appointment of the tax audit under subpara. 78.1.11 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (case of A. Zhurzhii)
27 April, 2017    7764

Presentation on “Tax audits: new rules in 2017” 06 March, 2017    356

Amendments to subpara. 78.1.11 of the Tax Code of Ukraine – it would be better not to have changed it at all 13 January, 2017    2930